Managing supply risk for distributors

October 24, 2016
In today’s global environment, where supply chains can span multiple countries and continents, there is a greater probability for disruption. To maintain relationships with customers and appeal to manufacturers, distributors must prove they have the agility and enterprise-wide insight needed to anticipate supply chain challenges and establish reliable back-up plans, ensuring that orders are on time despite any issues that may arise.

This article describes supply chain risks for distributors, and explores options to consider when looking to eliminate potential threats to the supply chain such as:

  • integration between critical business systems to provide visibility into products
  • flexibility to react to changes in order requirements or scheduling
  • social business tools to facilitate greater communication and collaboration across the organization.

As distributors continue to enhance services to customers to remain competitive in today’s market, constant diligence is necessary to maintain a streamlined and efficient supply chain that is resistant to disruption.
  • EMEA
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