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November 8, 2018 By Jerry Rankin

In today’s healthcare industry, connection and data agility is key. But what does that mean?

The truth is that interoperability is a moving target. With the right data connections, we can take on the growing challenges of evolving payment models. We can also address the expanding arena of patient consumerism, as people continue to pay more of their own healthcare costs due to high deductibles and increasing premiums. That same consumerism is creating increased competition, as more retail-style clinics show up in our towns and cities.

In a recent Infor How-to guide, 3 ways to create connected health, we lay out the steps organizations can take to achieve true connectivity across the care continuum. It starts with the obvious: the massive data in the EHR. Now that most organizations have implemented the EHR, approximately 80% of providers said the electronic data exchange increased their practice’s efficiency. Even better, more than 89% said that it improved their patients’ quality of care.

Future possibilities of interoperability are endless, and we are seeing a proliferation of APIs. That’s why Infor has immersed itself in the development of the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.

We also recognize the proliferation of APIs and have made their adoption easier. Through Infor Cloverleaf Gateway, organizations can make the most of APIs because they have a single source of control, security and API management. An extension of Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, API Gateway provides the capability to manage all interoperability needs, from inter-system communication to new, innovative applications. Put simply, it accelerates and enables digital innovation of your entire care ecosystem.

Most of all, these solutions are scalable to keep up with rapid changes affecting all aspects of the healthcare industry. That means we may not know what the next stage of evolution will bring, but we do know we are prepared.

Jerry Rankin, Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability Infor, Inc

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