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Manufacturing's Great Debate | Live webinar | April 12 11am EDT

March 29, 2017

Is the idea or the execution the key to successful innovation?
Roles in defining and deploying disruptive technology.

Is the spark of a great idea enough to drive meaningful change? Or, is the practical, hands-on execution the most critical element of a successful project? Who holds the key to achieving measurable results? Join us for a panel discussion as we explore four dimensions of bringing new technologies into action.

Some topics our panelists will address include:

  • Are disruptive technologies worth the upheaval to the company?
  • How do you move "theoretical" applications from the classroom drawing board to the board room -- then to the shop floor?
  • How can you predict the pay-out of an innovative idea that is untested?
  • Can you be innovative and retain a “play it safe” attitude or is an "all-in" risk tolerance necessary?
  • How do you create a company culture which accepts risk, without abandoning controls?
  • When is whole team buy-in necessary versus a one-person passion?
  • How do you balance the desire for agility and speed with the need for methodical research?

The Distinguished Panel

  • Andrew Dugenske, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, will present the academic view and value of research-driven concepts.
  • Steve Beard, Infor industry analyst and solution architect, will share his experiences in using data from smart sensors to drive conditioned-based monitoring tactics to keep assets running.
  • Neil Gatenby, Thales Australia, manufacturer of international electronics and systems serving the defense, aerospace and space, security, and transport markets in Australia and throughout the world, will discuss the challenges and opportunities from a manufacturer’s view.
  • Mark Humphlett, Infor industry & solution strategy senior director, will moderate the discussion and add color commentary on the role software plays in helping manufacturers push the boundaries of innovation.

<!--They come from opposite corners, each with distinct views on innovation. Who is right?

Join us for a lively debate April 12 as two experts in innovation share their thoughts on what it takes to be a true Champion of Innovation.

From the Academia corner, hear Andrew Dugenske, from Georgia Tech's IoT Institute, discuss research, prototype testing, and the challenge of applying concepts to use cases. From the opposite corner, hear an Infor customer discuss the challenge of turning a passion into a proven product offering others can get behind too. Infor's Product and Industry Strategy director, Mark Humphlett, will moderate the discussion and tie it all together with some color commentary on the role software plays in helping manufacturers push the boundaries.

Some topics our panelists will address include:

  • Can you be innovative and retain a "Play it safe” attitude or is "all-in” risk tolerance necessary?
  • How do you create a company culture which accepts risk, without abandoning controls?
  • When is whole team buy-in necessary vs a one-person passion?
  • When do know if it is time to cut anchor on an idea that seems to have low ROI?
  • How do you pick when to invest in IT solutions when something bigger and better is continually released?
  • How can you predict the pay-put of an innovative idea that is untested?
  • How can you protest your ideas in this era of collaboration and partnerships?



Andrew Dugenske
Director, Factory Information Systems Center
Principal Research Engineer
Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology

Andrew Dugenske is the Director of the Factory Information Systems Center and a Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI). He is also founder and CEO of Factory Right LLC, a software company that provides information technology solutions to manufacturing enterprises and was co-founder and president of Great Technological Collaborations Inc.

In addition, Dugenske is a State of Georgia registered professional engineer. For the past 25 years, Dugenske has led dozens of industry-funded projects relating to software systems and supply chain issues across a variety of industries. He currently acts as an industry liaison for Georgia Tech, conducts short courses, publishes, and consults in the area of Factory Information Systems (FIS).

He is a member of the National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) FIS working and implementation groups, the NEMI road mapping team, several IPC technical committees, the JISSO International Council and the joint NEMI-IPC CAMX standardization committees. Prior to his arrival at GTMI, Mr. Dugenske was a Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), where he developed computer-controlled radar positioning systems. He received a B.S. from the University of Illinois, an M.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology both in Mechanical Engineering.
Steve Beard

Steve Beard
Industry Analyst/Solution Architect

Steve Beard works closely with Infor customers in identifying ways to utilize Infor's portfolio of solutions in solving business challenges and realizing value. Beard has over 25 years of experience in the ERP software space, with domain expertise in Human Capital Management and Enterprise Asset Management.
Neil Gatenby

Neil Gatenby
Business Architect, Enterprise Services
Thales Australia

Neil Gatenby is a Digital Transformation Specialist with a background in IT Consulting, as well as Manufacturing and Operations management, Quality Management System development, implementation, and continuous improvement. He has experience in the IT Services, Consulting, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Mailing, and Steel industries. This background and experience has resulted in the ability to develop strategy and bring it to life. Gatenby is currently working for Thales Australia as a Business Architect, and he is charged with the development and implementation of key elements of Thales’ Digital strategy -- particularly focusing on Industry 4.0 and enabling internal Applications and Systems of Records to exploit the disruptive technologies that are emerging today.
Mark Humphlett

Mark Humphlett
Senior Director Industry & Product Strategy

With 19 years of experience in technology and more than 25 years in the manufacturing and distribution industry, Mark Humphlett joined the Infor team through an acquisition in 2006. He previously led supply chain solutions marketing and served as a principal business consultant leading presales, solution design, and implementations for several software solutions.

Humphlett also spent three years as the director of supply chain sales and business development in Europe. Prior to entering the technology industry, he held positions with Southern Alloy of America, a division of Metals USA, and Lockheed-Martin. He earned a bachelor's in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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