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Micro Portals for Macro Results

May 18, 2018
Let’s talk about two unique use cases for Micro Portals: On-Boarding and Customer Training.

Just about every LMS on the market today offers “Configurable” Portals to deliver a unique branding feel for your LMS landing page. Branding is important, but the reason the administrators should want more portals isn’t just for branding, it’s for the “Unique Learner Experience.”

Turn On-Boarding into IN-Boarding

Imagine your first day on the job and your new boss says, “Log in to our LMS to learn about the company.” UGH, that’s not what you want as a new employee. You want to feel special, important, and that the new company appreciates you. Well, that’s where on-boarding can become in-boarding. Create a unique experience for your new employees with a Micro Portal that is special to their job, location, role, and expectations. A programmer at XYZ, Inc. should have a completely different on-boarding experience than the head of security. It may be the same company logo, colors and set-up, but the content and design can be so different with the right LMS!

To create unique learning experiences, your LMS needs to have configurable home pages with several options for videos, pictures, and links. Add some quick links for other people on their team, a story about their manager or how their department started. Add a unique dashboard about their team’s performance metrics or how their location compares to another location in the company. Create a truly unique on-boarding experience with just a few thoughtful touches. If your LMS has configurable distribution rules, you can automatically send the right employee to the right Micro Portal.

Custom-er-ized Training

So, you sell widgets, and business is slowing down. What can the L&D team do to help the company grow? Well, maybe we have a few extra LMS licenses due to the down time. How can you use those excess licenses to help sell? Create a Micro Portal for Customers or Distributors. Test it on a few locations first. Create some content about your widget and some unique features or functions. Get the sales team involved to describe the customer and their uniqueness to create a customized─or should I say, “Custom-er-ized”─experience.

What makes this Micro Portal concept so cool? First, you can use branding to your advantage. Add your customer’s logo to the page with their colors. Include a banner ad about your product so it’s the first thing they see. Put in a link to a recent commercial or video. Now add the unique content that you’ve created; for instance, a simple course about what makes your widget better than the other brand. Your customers will probably sell more of your widgets than your competition. And if you did it right, the customer will never know they were in an LMS.


Learning and Development teams are creative. Let’s create, manage, and track how we are making our organizations a better place to work and develop a better widget than our competitors. If your LMS can’t do that, it’s time for a new LMS. For more information, check the Infor LMS page here.

Curt Cavins, Account Executive, Infor Learning Management
  • North America
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