Millennials in the hiring process driver’s seat

October 5, 2017

I’ve written a lot about Millennials, sometimes framing how and why they work as challenges to all healthcare organizations. But the good news is that, like the old cliché, challenges can be opportunities. In this case, the time is right to change up the hire-to-retire process, and Millennials are giving us the push we need.

A recent article in Forbes, How Millennials are Shaping the Hiring Process, lays out the key changes we can all expect as Millennials continue to flood the workforce:

Condensed hiring process

Millennials like immediacy. They want real-time information at their fingertips and that spills over into their job searches. The Forbes article cited a survey by accounting giant KPMG. The company surveyed 400 job applicants and one-third said the hiring process was unnecessarily long. Today, KPMG has changed its core hiring practices, reducing a multi-week assessment to one day, and letting candidates know within two days if they have a job offer.

It’s about culture, not cash

Millennials are looking for organizations and companies that provide work-life balance, and have values similar values to their own. In many cases, they are willing to forsake a fatter paycheck in exchange for cultural fit. Hiring managers can then expect more questions about their organization’s culture, values and work style, and should be ready to answer them.

Traditional job boards aren’t enough

Like-minded professionals tend to gather in the same Internet spaces. Industry specific sites such as Inbound can be rich with potential job candidates. Savvy hiring managers searching for fresh talent are starting to look for their next employees on these nontraditional sites.

Mobile and digital

I can’t say this enough. All we need to do is look up from our own smartphones to see the proliferation and saturation of mobile devices to know that those are today’s portals for most candidates. Again, candidates are expecting—not just wanting—the mobile experience. For hiring managers, too, this means interviews, especially those first-time meetings, can be completed at more convenient times.

In healthcare, then, with more limited resources, how do we accelerate our hiring process while also making sure we aren’t rushing things and hiring the wrong people for the job? One step is using technology such as Infor Talent Science, which gives hiring managers a 39-point behavioral and preference profile that touches on areas of highest importance before managers meet candidates face-to-face. As I mentioned in a previous blog about hiring, Infor Talent Science provides the “one-and-done” model that Millennials are expecting, and hiring managers need.

- Marcus Mossberger, Human Capital Management Director, Infor Healthcare

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