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Mobility, EAM, and the new remote worker

October 14, 2020

While it seems that global, catastrophic events–from wildfires to pandemics to hurricanes–are responsible for the urgency around supporting a remote workforce, there is nothing new about this work model. This is especially true for those organizations that have long relied on field maintenance workers.

But that doesn’t mean they have always been equipped with the tools they need. Far from it. Now, with the updated Infor EAM 11.6 for Transit/Fleet/Manufacturing and the new Infor 11.6 for Field Work, growing numbers of remote workers are empowered with mobile-first functionality. At the same time, these same automated, standardized capabilities provide unprecedented business insights, such as key labor stop/start times, for operational leaders.

Infor EAM 11.6 capitalizes on the business benefits we expect from mobile functionality, such as convenience, efficiency, and more accurate data collection at the worksite. However, it has upended the concept of mobility as ancillary to desktop functions. Instead, it’s now a powerful, stand-alone work execution tool, with online and offline functionality.

You can register for our webinar to learn more about the new mobile capabilities in EAM version 11.6. Some of the topics include out-of-the-box industry-specific functionality for the transit/fleet/ manufacturing industries, including sophisticated mapping capabilities and business rules around maintenance work orders, checklists, and nonconformities. EAM 11.6 also takes advantage of the smart devices themselves, enabling barcode/QR code scanning, screen capture, and photo documentation, and advanced GIS features to locate and isolate maintenance locales and areas.

This not only creates efficiencies, but helps drive the EAM evolution toward complete automation, while also ensuring business continuity, and continued regulatory compliance.

Infor EAM 11.6 for Field Work is a mobile platform built to extend and configure functionality for a more personalized end-user experience. It is designed to bring more workers into the mobile fold, by putting intuitive, one-click EAM functionality into the hands of those who previously worked solely through onsite applications.

A recent article in VentureBeat noted that the current, rapid pivot to working remotely may signal a permanent shift in workforce culture, no matter what the industry. Asset intensive operations and entities, especially, will benefit from an increasingly mobile EAM culture.

Stay tuned as Infor continues to invest time and resources into additional mobile innovations. In the meantime, you can find the specifics of Infor EAM’s extended mobile capabilities, including the new Infor 11.6 for Field Work, in our webinar.

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