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Move beyond traditional ERP to a healthcare operations platform

October 24, 2019 By Chuck Whinney

Last week I posed the question, “Is a traditional ERP really what you need?” What many people may not realize is that the precursor to ERP systems was the MRP, which stood for Manufacturing Resource Planning. The “Enterprise” addition didn’t signify that they were increasing industries, rather that the software vendors largely just layered on some loose integrations with HR and Accounting functionality. Since then, most ERP vendors have continued to layer on additional capabilities in an attempt for their single solution to meet the needs of all industries.

Infor thinks very differently about industry solutions.

Infor Healthcare’s vision is to help our clients connect the business of healthcare with the mission of healthcare. We believe that to do this healthcare organizations need more than an ERP that attempts to simultaneously solve the intricacies of healthcare, discrete manufacturing, and food and beverage. Providing a connection between the ERP and EHR is certainly the right direction for healthcare organizations, but it’s what we then do with the information that makes it valuable. To more directly connect caregivers with their patients, healthcare organizations need a Clinically Connected Healthcare Operations Platform infused with Science.

Imagine using streamlined technology to create a foundation on which to build these pillars for better patient care. As Amy Compton-Phillips, MD, EVP, and Chief Clinical Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, and David Johnson of 4sight Health said in a recent NEJM Catalyst article, “When the dust settles, winning health companies will consolidate all necessary capabilities within efficient, coordinated, and consumer-friendly platforms. They will deliver superior outcomes by assimilating the best services within cohesive, accountable, and convenient networks.”

Here are some examples of what we believe healthcare organizations should demand today:

  • Managed system integrations enabling point-of-use scanning and recall tracking that reduces non-productive time in a safer clinical environment amidst a clinically integrated supply chain
    Read how delivered integration can improve critical processes

  • Patient acuity-based nurse staffing that ensures an equitable distribution of workloads and appropriate levels of care by the correct clinical staff to enhance the patient experience
    Read how HR and nursing can move beyond traditional systems

  • Consumer-grade mobile HR that enables employees to effortlessly request PTO, participate in learning, verify competencies and skills, track licenses, provide continuous feedback for one another, and manage their own work experience

  • Deep embedded interoperability services, including out of the box integration of EHRs to supply chain and finance by connecting clinical and business data, enabling you to better connect with your partners, leverage FHIR, and streamline data flow via an API Gateway
    Read how interoperability can deliver enormous value

  • Embedded activity-based cost accounting that ties together all the above and enables patient and patient cohort-level analytics within the core application

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ve invited the Infor Healthcare Strategy and Infor Product Management teams to discuss the numerous ways we impact patient care in a series of blogs. We ask that you consider that while ERP may have gotten you by in the past, the future requires clinically-focused efficiency derived from your application investments.

HR blog: How HR and nursing can move beyond traditional systems by Erica Doherty
Supply Chain blog: Holistically speaking … by Melissa Amell
Interoperability blog: Interoperability and the clinically connected healthcare operations platform by Jerry Rankin

– Chuck Whinney, Sr. Director, Infor Healthcare

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