My nursing path to Infor

May 4, 2017

I became a nurse in 2003 and cannot imagine working in any other profession. This career has allowed me to hold a newborn when she took her first breath, comfort a husband when his wife was rushed into emergency surgery, and teach dozens of the next generation of nurses about how to provide excellent care to patients, no matter their specialty. Whether we work at the bedside or the boardroom, nurses are a vital part of every healthcare system. In fact, nursing has been ranked the most trusted profession for the 15th year in a row. To kick off National Nurses Week, I’d like to talk about the path that led me to Infor.

I have held a number of leadership and administrative roles in obstetrics. I worked at one hospital, which was a part of a larger hospital network, and we had the daunting task of implementing a new EMR. My location was second in line for the implementation. Working closely with the vendor gave me a different perspective of how we can truly leverage technology to streamline processes and nursing workflows in healthcare to facilitate better nursing care and patient outcomes.

Nurses have developed care protocols based on evidenced-based practices. I strongly feel that advances in technology have the ability to utilize evidenced-based practices that have an impact on clinical practice, which in turn have an impact on supporting the best patient outcomes. Combining the innovations in technology and nursing best practices provides hospital organizations tools that can be used to improve patient outcomes, increase patient and employee satisfaction, and provide care in a cost effective manner.

My interest in technology led me to Infor. The ability to combine my clinical skills and nursing expertise have given me a broader platform to share the benefits of healthcare technology. My role as CNO at Infor Healthcare allows me to speak from a clinical perspective to leaders of hospital organizations about the benefits of technology and how leveraging technology aids in their pursuit of better cost, quality and outcomes. I work every day with my former colleagues and patients in mind. Today, I collaborate with a great group of nurses who follow trends in nursing to ensure that we are in tune with current practices, and that we are developing actual solutions to meet the challenges our former colleagues face every day.

The opportunities in nursing are endless. I encourage every nurse out there to follow your passion to make a difference in our chosen profession. Happy Nurses Week!

Danielle Miller, PHD(c), MSN, RNC-OB Chief Nursing Officer, Clinical Applications
  • Healthcare
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