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My SHSMD takeaways

October 31, 2017

I recently attended the annual Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) conference in Orlando. My main takeaway after attending several sessions and talking with other attendees is that the line between patients’ overall perception of their experience and their clinical treatment continue to blur. Does that mean patients are choosing where to receive care based on whether they think they’ll get a consumer-grade experience like retail? The jury may be out on that question; however, the good news is that healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly tech savvy, and as their technical expertise rises, more data can be obtained and mined about physician and patient behaviors, and that may help bring more business into the organization. But before all of that can even begin to happen, marketing and physician relations’ teams must work closely together and choose a platform for engaging both physicians and patients.

I’d also like to offer an overview of some of the sessions I attended. Here goes.

  • When tragedy strikes, will you be prepared? Insights and stories from Orlando Health. This session focused on how Orlando Health handled 44 victims of the June 12, 2016, shooting at the Pulse nightclub. Here’s what the chief surgeon and president of Orlando Health shared.

    • Patient experience was key to keeping family members and the community involved and feeling like they had a say.
    • Public Relations was under a tight leash because the shooting incident was considered part of an FBI investigation. At one point, they thought they had an active shooter at the hospital as well.
    • Orlando Regional Medical Center was only 1,200 feet from Pulse nightclub. Family members walked to the hospital from the club.
    • Preparation and practice were key to success in the early hours of June 12.
    • More than 250 employees came into the hospital in the middle of the night to assist with caring for the 44 victims.

  • Transforming marketing into an ROI revenue driver. This session focused on how industries outside of healthcare and SCL Health are changing the role of marketing from supporting lines of business to being considered a profit center. Here are the highlights from the presenters.

    • Have physicians answer these questions before engaging with marketing for a department or service line:

      • What’s your capacity?
      • Are your patient satisfaction scores comparable or above market?
      • What are your quality indicators?
      • What is your revenue and contribution margin?

    • Use Google Analytics to measure ROI–but be careful –MIT health clinic’s most viewed blog is on health risks of unripe avocados.
    • Create persona-based campaigns.
    • Measure the channels that are most effective.
    • Look at cost per lead for areas such as online scheduling for mammography, etc.
    • Explain to physicians why branding is not frivolous.
    • Tie conversations with physicians back to organizational strategy or what the physicians’ business goals are (not what they want marketing to do).
    • Tell physicians you respect and appreciate them.
    • Explain that physicians between groups need to trust each other–they can be siloed.

  • Issues facing young adults in the workplace and in our communities. This session discussed critical needs of Millennials from a health and workforce perspective. Here’s what the presenter talked about.

    • Millennials want a seat at the table—and respect.
    • Millennials do not know how to access healthcare or where to get information. It is confusing to them. Since the law changed to cover adults to age 26 under a parent’s plan, Millennials have little experience navigating the healthcare system on their own.

Those are my thoughts from the recent SHSMD conference. Did you attend? What did you learn?

-Ginny Karlberg, Account Executive

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