My takeaways from the Healthcare Supply Chain Management Summit

February 14, 2017
Cory Turner

Cory Turner, Supply Chain Strategy Director

I attended the 11th Annual Healthcare Supply Chain Management Summit in New Orleans a few weeks ago, and what I noted was an overwhelming focus on optimizing supply chain operations to deliver value, maximize financial savings and improve patient outcomes.

Some of the top leaders in the healthcare supply chain world spoke at this conference and there was definitely a thread that ran through each presentation. It’s this: How do we as leaders in this industry partner with clinicians and our peers to drive down supply costs within our hospitals, while helping improve clinical outcomes by offering top quality supplies?

A few other common messages I noted were:

  • CQO, or the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes, was a prevalent theme in a number of sessions—and how to view CQO holistically rather than managing those three areas separately.
  • A clinically integrated supply chain is key for ensuring the success of the supply chain and healthcare organization alike.
  • Adopting predictive analytics needs as a normal part of the supply chain process helps drive standardization.

More than anything, what this summit taught me was that there is an incredible group of individuals representing healthcare organizations with the same goals in mind—ensuring that patients are put at the center of the supply chain.

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