New eLearning courses for Infor SCE

July 23, 2019

Six new eLearning courses have been released for Infor SCE

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Adding Audit Capability to Packing - Product Use (Global | USA)

Validation features have been added to enable users to perform audit during packing process .

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Creating Recurring Peak Billing - Product Use (Global | USA)

Functionality has been added to create recurring billing charges with charge quantities for the highest balance or an average balance during a period .

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Enhancements to Barcode Parsing - Product Use (Global | USA)

New features in the parsing of barcodes that includes parsing at a RF field level, Date field conversions and pre-loading of GS-128 definitions .

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Enhancements to RF Screen Designer - Product Use (Global | USA)

This enhancement allows for the selection of multiple standard product feature sets that adjust the RF screens presented. It also includes upgrade to Soho version and enhanced user-friendly layout.

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Providing Yard Visibility - Product Use (Global | USA)

This feature provides a 3D Yard view to show trailer status, contents, and service window proximity. It also provides a view of the Appointment Calendar with sliders to adjust the times and a Service Window view to schedule service of trailers per constraints with the number of loading/unloading crews or number of dock doors.

CS WMS: v11.2.00 RT Setting Up RF Users (Language and Locale Handling) - Updates to Technology (Global | USA)

The processing of the Security User BOD into the CloudSuite WMS application has been updated to obtain locale, language, and time zone elements when available from Infor OS.

Click on the course title links and log into Infor Campus to register.

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