NewPay and the next generation of Federal workers

March 9, 2020 By Byron Pitts

At Infor, we know that technology is only as effective as those who use it. It’s the people with the skills, knowledge, and drive for improvement and innovation that put functionality into practice, and drive success.

For a lot of reasons, I am excited about our role in creating NewPay, which is a commercial, off-the-shelf, modernized payroll and work schedule/leave management system for the Federal government. The system was inspired by the government’s need for the efficiencies enjoyed by the private sector, as well as changing consumer expectations and demands brought by the digital revolution. Part of that is helping solve government workforce challenges.

An important benefit of NewPay is the creation of a system that will appeal to the future workforce. I recently co-authored an article about this revolution, “Ushering in the future of government pay,” in Government Computer News. I pointed out how the initiative is long overdue—but also coming at the right time. Recruiting and hiring Federal workers is becoming more difficult and challenging as workforce cultures shift. And an estimated 1.5 to 10 million Federal workers are readying themselves for retirement.

NewPay, deployed in the cloud, will help mitigate these challenges. Today’s workers essentially have a mini-computer with them—their smartphone—24/7. They are not interested in going back in time to the era of mainframe computing, which is essentially where Federal pay systems have been stuck for decades.

The intent is for the NewPay solutions to replace the government’s four, antiquated payroll and work scheduling/leave management systems with a singular system. NewPay is nimble, flexible, breaks down siloes between disparate agencies, and provides endless possibilities for innovation.

The government itself, specifically the U.S. Government Accountability Office, issued a July 2019 report HUMAN CAPITAL: Improving Federal Recruiting and Hiring Efforts, which indicated they were putting human capital management on a high-risk list. The report went on to show hard data that said telework and alternative work schedules were most important to workers. The NewPay platform, expected to roll out across agencies over the next 10 years, offers the technology that enables mobility and negates the need for a government worker to be tethered to a desk.

That enables a culture of continuous improvement—something today’s workers are looking for. Infor is a proud partner in these efforts, and we are looking forward to providing Federal systems that engage and retain the 21st-century workforce and poise our national agencies for the future. This benefits all of us.

You can read more about what the General Services Administration (GSA) is saying about NewPay here.

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