RDA and V-smart - Is your Library RDA Enabled?

June 20, 2014

Infor continues to be at the leading edge of industry trends, technologies and standards,

V-smart has been RDA enabled since the release of V-smart 2.5 SP1 in early 2013. New updates to Marc formats continue to be made available in V-smart and Vubis Smart.

RDA (Resource Description and Access) is a relatively new international cataloging standard for the description of books and other media, such as art objects, puzzles, digital files, etc.

RDA is relevant to libraries, museums and archives. RDA is the successor to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR2), the current standard for cataloging English language libraries. It mainly includes some additions to the format, indexes, relationships and codes Authorities (including the addition of content, media and carrier fields). You can use these changes as part of V-smart 2.5 SP1 or later or Vubis Smart 3.5 SP1 or later.

Infor will install the V-smart Marc Format Update package as described in the Infor Xtreme Knowledge Base article 1133729 to provide the initial MARC format updates that support RDA. Subsequent updates can be downloaded and installed by the Library.

The package includes:

  1. All changes to the Library of Congress Marc21 Format for Bibliographic and Authority Data

  • Update No. 1 (October 2001) through Update No. 18 (April 2014).

See http://www.loc.gov/marc/status.html for further information

(Excluding the new authority fields for Medium of Performance Term 162 (plus associated fields 462,562,762))

2. All changes to the UniMarc Format for Bibliographic and Authority Data

  • Up to the 5th French Edition of the format (August 2010)

3. All changes to the Smart Format for Bibliographic and Authority Data

With the V-smart Marc Format Update package

  • The library has complete control over exactly which updates are applied and which are not.
  • The upgrade process is sensitive to existing local customization and will preserve locally defined non-standard tags, fields and authority list values.
  • If desired or appropriate, specific tags, sub tags and authority list definitions can be permanently marked to be always ignored and hence preserved for all future format updates.
  • Once the distributed updates file has been downloaded onto your system you can re-apply it many times to as many different live and test system as you have installed, at your convenience.

Further MARC Format Update Packages will continue to be made available to customers, via a placement on the Xtreme Customer portal, so that you can download and apply its contents at their convenience.

For more information or to arrange the initial installation of the V-smart Marc Format Update package please contact Dave Alexander via email dave.alexander@infor.com or by phone 613-646-7919.

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