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Roundtable discussion on top issues in the A&D industry

July 9, 2018
The Infor A&D Industry Council met recently at the Infor headquarters in New York. Infor’s top A&D customers, all highly respected experts in their field, attended the roundtable discussion on top issues in the A&D industry. Innovation, digital transformation, and the challenges of keeping pace with change were among the topics driving discussion. Infor’s Soma Somasundarem, EVP Product Strategy, R&D, Support, was among the featured speakers. He explained the Infor strategy of Design Thinking and what it means for manufacturers—particularly ones in a highly competitive industry like A&D.

The topic of discussion then turned to research recently conducted by Accenture and conclusions Accenture draws from the data and experience working with top enterprises in a wide range of industries.

First, the Accenture survey, with over 1000 respondents, confirms that digital technologies are top priorities for business leaders. Nearly all (99%) report that “leverage digital to transform core businesses while growing new ones” as a top goal. The majority also seem to understand the high stakes, with 64% saying they “agree that failure to leverage the components of digital value will cause them to struggle for survival.” They also seem to agree on their top objective, with 92% saying they “want to deliver new experiences with smart, connected products.

Accenture went on to offer advice, derived from one-on-one interactions with companies and seeing which ones seem to excel at applying digital technology to yield growth.

Infor will continue this discussion at the Infor A&D Breakfast meeting alongside the Farnborough Air show later this month. If you’d like more information, contact
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