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Simpler and easier

November 9, 2020

This document describes the major accomplishments of last year at a high level.

Sit on a cloud

More and more customers moved their infrastructure to “the cloud”: the hardware and the accompanying operations were taken care of by a specialized, external party.

LibDo: ease-of-use matters

LibDo was an initiative that involved both customers and Infor staff. After years of focusing on functionality, we wondered if we might have neglected the ergonomics aspect somewhat. LibDo’s primary goal was to correct this. This focus on interface, look & feel & ergonomics, rather than on functionality, led to many concrete results such as a new page design (“ a “lighter” appearance), a new logon page, a “hamburger” option for textual access to options, a new field styling for non-editable fields, a "nicer" error message display and many changes to lists.

Navigate easier

The most striking LibDo changes were related to lists. These did not only get a new style, but also many new options. Navigation became much easier with the introduction of pagination (including jumping), filters and facets.

SSO: open all doors

Single Sign On is the usage of a single logon to “all” applications. Compare this to a house: you open the front door with a single key and get access to all rooms. SSO also encompasses logon via external applications (such as directories of students and staff).

ILL: the world blossoms open

The ILL module was extended and was applied concretely in combination with IBLV, the ILL engine that was developed by the Duth Royal Library (de Nederlandse Koninklijke Bibliotheek).

Your opinion matters

As usual we added -often at request of customer- many options. Via this route we added e.g. new options related to invoicing, text messaging, V@school, memberships, payments, slip printing, relevancy sorting, GDPR and reservations.

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