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Specialization without customization

November 3, 2016

In the decades since ERP software became an integral part of automotive manufacturing, we've come to understand that "one size fits all" software really fits almost no one. For a long time, deep customization was the only way for automotive manufacturers to get what they truly needed, but that left them with rigid systems that were costly to support and difficult or impossible to keep current.

Tecfil, the largest producer of automotive filters in Latin America, was wrestling with the challenges of a highly customized ERP system. Infor software helped Tecfil achieve an 8-time reduction in the number of customizations, resulting in 156 hours saved per week by eliminating work previously required to support those customizations.

Many automotive manufacturers are still wrestling with highly customized ERP systems. At Infor, industry specialization is part of our heritage. It's in our DNA. We are passionately committed to understanding your industry better than anyone else and delivering complete software solutions with the capabilities you need built in, not bolted on. This deep industry knowledge allows us to make connections that others do not see, applying lessons learned from one industry we serve to others as well (we call it adjacent innovation), and giving our customers broader access to innovation and ideas as a result.

Check out our website and brochure for more information on Infor Automotive solutions. For additional background on how highly customized ERP systems can impact other aspects of your business—particularly when it comes to hiring new, skilled employees in the face of pending retirements from your baby boomer staff—read this Mint Jutras report.

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