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Spotlight your Business with an ERP partnership built for success

July 29, 2019

When it comes to finding the best partnership and solution suite for your business, there is no one answer fits all. At the end of the day you are making the decision to invest a company that is expected to act “as an extension of your team”.

What an ERP partnership entails?

A partnership is “a relationship resembling a legal partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities.” (Merriam-Webster). Some of the joint rights and responsibilities of an ERP partnership include a consistent sales pipeline, easy implementation process, technical expertise, and a supportive team structure available in a time of need. As you research the options available on the market you will find similarities among them which can make the decision process even harder. So where do you start?

Vet the software for the industries you serve and solutions you provide

As an ERP solution provider, it is important to look internally at your business operations, internal team member strengths, and where there are gaps internally that may hinder reaching your goals for the year. Once you have internally assessed where you stand, it is time to analyze whether the software you are providing is truly the “best” for the industries and micro-verticals you serve. (Whether) you are seeking software that can provide out of the box components related to micro-verticals or custom solutions, it is (vital) to compare and get in touch with their software representatives if you are seeking answers you cannot find easily online. Seeking a quick comparison chart on ERP’s that compete with Infor? Learn more

With your client’s businesses thriving in niche industries, complexities can arise while implementing the ERP software. There may be a need for technical or sales related assistance from their partnership organization. Question is can you use their help? Partnerships provide partners access to their own representative but limit the amount of times they can reach out for their assistance. Some of the strongest partnerships provide support whenever they need it. Do you consider that a partnership built for your success?

Assess the Partnership you currently have or are seeking to join

If you are currently part of a partnership, analyze if this is a partnership that is providing growth and enablement to your entire company. For example, at the center of Infor’s partnership are the Partners’ themselves. The Infor Partner Network is an ecosystem built by current partners who are continually seeking ways to optimize the program. Some of the benefits of this partnership include a clear market definition, commission structure, extensive training and enablement, extension development, and micro-vertical specialization. Streamline your research process and compare partnerships among each other, access our Tier 1 Software Partnership Comparison Chart.


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