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Talking the talk versus walking the walk. How one HCM solution may not be living up to its image

January 23, 2018

Out of all the human capital management solutions available, it’s easy to gravitate toward products that use slick marketing techniques, but the way the product is marketed needs to match its capability. The hype and capability weren’t quite matching when Nucleus Research interviewed users for a report and discovered that Workday only talks the talk in certain areas, such as functionality and implementations.

A few years ago, the healthcare industry began a substantial transformation. While the focus continues to be on the patient, the primary goal has evolved to emphasize keeping them healthy versus simply reacting to illness and injury. Similarly, the role of HR has begun a comparable transformation as we focus on the wellness of the workforce and proactively treating problems to reduce turnover and improve productivity. This alignment on health and prevention makes it that much more important that your HCM solution walks the talk when it comes to functionality in healthcare.

HR is also shifting away from transactions limited to payroll processing and timesheets, and moving toward utilizing data to personalize your employee experience and optimize their performance. If your HR team is spending more time on administrative activities and cannot focus on helping people reach their full potential, then perhaps your current HCM solution needs to be re-examined. This is where Infor fills competitors’ gaps… in short, we know you. Our experts who design and implement our solutions are HR practitioners who worked in healthcare and understand your challenges and opportunities.

Our patient-focused strategy can help you advance human potential within your organization to drive employee and patient engagement that leads to better patient outcomes. Our goal is to work alongside you to transform HR for the future and to explore new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and and wearable devices. Our software has the functionality to help you solve a wide variety of HR challenges with proven solution offerings such as:

Considering a change to your HR systems? Be sure to evaluate the true capabilities of the vendors you explore. You can view the entire report here and visit our website to learn how Infor Human Capital Management for Healthcare can help you select the right candidates for the right role, engage employees through personalization at work, and retain top talent through career development.

- Marcus Mossberger, Sr. HCM Strategy Director, Healthcare
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