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Tapas on FHIR®

July 13, 2017

I was fascinated by Corey Spears’s report from the HL7®FHIR® Connectathon and HL7 Working Group in Madrid, and his findings on the state of FHIR adoption in Europe. This meeting shed light on the fact that this standard is not just US-centric, and reminded us that we live in a diverse world, and a diverse ecosystem. It’s important that we gain fresh perspectives from around the globe to gain a more world-wide focus on this standard to improve information sharing across healthcare systems. While it would be easy to get carried away with well-deserved enthusiasm for emerging standards, healthcare is complex and diverse, as Corey points out in his blog.

My takeaway from this? As healthcare pivots toward an API/FHIR-based ecosystem, we should expect a varied landscape of “standard” FHIR APIs, proprietary APIs, legacy interfaces (HL7 v2.x, CCDA) for years to come, with different use cases having relevance in different markets.

Healthcare is uniquely intricate, and a technology like Infor Cloverleaf can bridge the divide between cutting edge and established, standard and proprietary, to enable disparate legacy systems in the evolving healthcare ecosystem.

In my previous blog, I discussed that we often conflate the notions of “Open” APIs with “Standard” compliant APIs and “FHIR.” It is not necessarily the case that all APIs that will prove valuable to the industry in the coming months and years will be FHIR APIs or for that matter that they will be non-proprietary. Healthcare has a long “legacy tail,” or huge investment in a massive installed application base that doesn’t and likely won’t anytime soon “speak” FHIR or other forms of “APIs.” It may take a number of years to begin to make a significant dent in this installed base. However, with an integration platform, such as Infor Cloverleaf, it can provide the innovation your organization needs to move forward.

I look forward to our journey. To learn more about Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, visit our website. Please share your thoughts below.

Jerry Rankin, Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability
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