The digital future is now

February 8, 2017

Deny it all you want, but the reality is we’re in the midst of a digital revolution and like it or not, the question is not whether you’ll enter the digital age, but when.

Even if you’ve effectively managed to avoid facing the new digital reality until now, the fact is it’s redefined the expectations of your customers and employees. And the future success of your equipment dealership or rental company very likely depends on how and when you respond to those expectations.

The unprecedented pace of technological changes and innovation made possible by the digital revolution shows no signs of slowing. And while you may have managed to continue the “business as usual” practices that have worked for you for decades, the future of your dealership or rental company will be digital.

You’re already seeing the impact of the digital revolution in new equipment, service tools and procedures, and parts delivery. Equipment manufacturers are transforming the way they design products and while they may not be moving as quickly into the digital revolution as other industries, they are definitely moving.

“Caterpillar is always searching for ways to collaborate to give our customers and dealers a competitive edge,” said George Taylor, vice president with responsibility for the Marketing and Digital Division. “By joining with companies leading the way in the digital revolution, we have a chance to positively impact our customers’ and dealers’ businesses.”

But you have a website?
A digital transformation is more than automating business processes. It’s about transforming business processes completely to create experiences employees and customers love at every level.

You need look no further than the success of Uber and Amazon. (And, yes, Amazon is selling new cars in Italy. Will compact construction equipment be next?). Both companies transformed the way they do business, allowing customers unprecedented access and control over their buying experience. And their success is undeniable. And it can also be a game-changer for your company.

So where do you start? Learn more about digital transformation right here.

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