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.The good, the bad and the ugly

April 21, 2021

The good and the bad

Obviously, icons -the topic of this blog entry- are neither “good” nor “bad”.

Nonetheless, as part of the LibDo initiative, icons were given a typology of “good” (“safe”) or “bad” (“dangerous”). This feature is aimed at warning the user and at providing an easier-to-use interface.

If you want to use this feature, you can style these icons differently. Think of icons such as “new” or “copy” as “good” (or safe), and “delete” as “bad” (or risky). In an interface where the default style (colour) is black, these can then be styled as e.g. (respectively) “green” (safe) and “red“ (“dangerous)”.

Each individual user can select his preferred styles. So, while mine might be amber, green and red (default traffic-light signaling), yours might be grey, black and white.

The ugly

Again, icons cannot be ugly. We may not like their individual appearance or the overall icon style, but that may say more about us than about the icons.

Nonetheless, not all tastes are equal. And that’s why icons can be styled in two different ways. A per-user setting decides the style to be used. This is either the “traditional” style used in previous versions of the interface or the new, “lighter” style (both are shown below).

Similar to the above styling, this setting can also be defined on a per-user basis: though we work with the same application on the same server, your look & feel can be very different from mine.

Needless to say, mine is not an ugly one.

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