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The Hesitation with Digital Transformation

September 18, 2019

First, let’s define it. Digital transformation utilizes technology and software to transform the way a business operates. We are currently undergoing a cloud-based transformation, with 69% of enterprise organizations migrating ERP applications data to the cloud.(1)

A digital transformation can offer an elevated customer experience, increase productivity, and create a wealth of new business opportunities. The IDC predicts that spending on such technologies will hit $1.97 trillion in 2022.(2)

Why the Resistance?

It’s not an easy task to fundamentally rethink the way a business has been operating for years. Leaders and people within an organization get comfortable with processes, future projections, and predicable revenue streams. Thought leaders worry their colleagues may not want to change and have to ask themselves if now the time is to adopt new practices. These thoughts are completely understandable but will leave you in a mediocre state of business. The businesses that truly thrive and succeed know to take calculated jumps to improve their practice and better serve their employees and customers alike.

It’s Unavoidable

According to an IDC survey, 73% of respondent companies believe they will either be out of business or marginalized if they don’t transform.(3) The best approach is to view transformation as an opportunity, not a challenge. Remind yourself that the whole point of transformation is to improve and build a stronger, more stable path to success. Take a look at our Digital Transformation Partnership Guidebook to learn how you can elevate your product and service offerings to the next level.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

By now you should have an understanding that adopting digital transformation strategies is a key factor for a thriving business. The question is how do you prepare, predict the future, and begin best practices for leading change? Luckily, we have experts for that.





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