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The Highlight of Infor HCM at Infor TechEd San Diego

May 16, 2019

If you were with us at TechEd for HCM in San Diego last month, you might have heard Dan Miller’s comment: That once you’d seen and heard about the File Creation Utility, you would get a tear in your eye. I may not have seen tears, but I did see fists pumping into the air and happy bursts of “YES!” when attendees witnessed what this utility is capable of. The excitement was so great that our TechEd Coordinator, Mandy Robbins, had to move this session to a larger room to accommodate all of the registrations for this demo.

So, what is so spectacular about the File Creation Utility? With this tool, an Administrator can create a file based on a set of Infor-created mappings. This utility will become the go-forward method for adding new flat file interfaces. Old flat file interfaces may also be transitioned to this new method at some point. Admins will find this utility particularly useful because it can deliver interfaces based on mapping data instead of code changes, and mappings are customizable to suit a customer’s needs. This gives the Infor Customer the ability to create their own files!
Even better, the number of possible files you can create using this utility is—infinity! The possibilities are endless.

Chris McCullough, Business Analyst Senior at UCHealth Colorado was one of the participants that attended this popular session:
"I chose to attend the HCM File Creation Utility and BODs session because Matt Bradstad is an excellent presenter. He is knowledgeable, engaging and helpful. Also in attendance were Terry Haugen and Tom Dabruzzi – again, all very knowledgeable and willing to help. To have a single session with so many valuable resources available is hard to pass up. The content was extremely timely for us as more and more requests for interfaces come in for us to write. The idea of creating an easy to use tool that would allow business function users to create their own interface files is extremely helpful. Finally, this session did a practical real-time demo of creating an interface file within 10 mins. It’s always nice to see the product in action vs screenshots and this session delivered.”

If you attended Infor TechEd for HCM, you can review this presentation again via the mobile app. If you were unable to attend TechEd, please review the “Infor Global HR and Talent Management Integration Guide” found on the Infor Support Portal. Check Infor Campus for Infor HCM and stay tuned for a future Education eLearning course on this topic as well.

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