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The Hype Cycle vs Fit for Purpose integration standards

October 19, 2017

I was very interested to read the recent blog post “Interoperability standards: Fit for Purpose” by our very own Corey Spears.

In his post, Corey described the ongoing evolution of interoperability standards in healthcare, including HL7v2, C-CDA, and FHIR. I’m looking forward to future posts that wrestle with Blockchain and other emerging technologies.

You can accuse me of being an “interoperability pragmatist” as I agree with a central point that Corey made, which is, despite the hype and sincerely optimistic expectations of emerging standards, it is wise to recognize that these tools are best suited for particular purposes, and one tool is unlikely to meet all needs.

Another pragmatic observation is that the industry now has a huge install base, and enormous investment in, existing legacy systems that do not speak the latest standards. We will, for years to come, be able to drive tremendous value by bridging newer and older systems, newer and older standards, and standards that are best fits for diverse use cases.

A practical approach to supporting interoperability in healthcare is to implement an enterprise-class platform, and select an enterprise class partner, that stays abreast of all standards common in healthcare and provides you the tools you need to efficiently, flexibly, and securely manage your data flow at scale.

Use the right standards for the right jobs, navigate them with ease, and accelerate your success. To learn more visit our website.

-Jerry Rankin, Infor Industry Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability

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