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The indispensable HR: Giving employees the power to drive their own experience

June 13, 2017

Infor HRx blog—a prescription for healthcare people-related challenges

When I think about where we’re at with technology, today, I often think back to the quote by Henry Ford, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” He didn’t ask them, of course, and that’s how we got the Model T.

I think that’s how HR needs to work, too. We need to stop asking, and just start innovating. And while we can’t settle for being the Model T, we can look to the modern day car as an example. The reality of self-driving cars now exists because of data and technology, and it’s not a stretch to say that harnessing both can also help us transform HR. This “change agility” is what will get us to HR in 2020.

Employee self-service, the concept of putting administrative tasks into the hands of employees is not new—but right now it seems poised to disrupt traditional HR. Around for about 15 years, the self-service concept had suffered from a reputation of being static and non-intuitive. Employees often tried it and ended up picking up the phone to call HR anyway. However, that’s all changed. Today’s self-service is delivered in a data-rich, mobile and interactive environment. Millennial users, highly connected and clamoring for a personalized employment experience, provide the right audience for what we call HR as a Service.

In the webinar The future of HR as a service, my colleague Cherie Thayer, Infor Principal Human Capital Solutions Consultant, and I lay out how HR can make itself indispensable to staff, volunteers and on-demand or temporary workers with this empowering technology.

The Infor Knowledgebase/Portal is a searchable, up-to-date and architected self-service solution that is customized to an organization’s brand and culture. It includes everything from an employee’s personal benefits plan, life events and development plans, to the organization’s employment policies. Always mobile and HIPAA compliant, users can usually find what they need in two clicks or less.

For HR leaders, this means less phone calls and emails, and more time to embark on this continuous innovation we’ve been talking about. It also frees up time to coach employees, rather than simply act as their time and policy referee.

We can all agree that HR as a function is evolving and at a crossroads. What path have you and your organization chosen to follow? Let us know.

-Marcus Mossberger. Human Capital Management Strategy Director, Healthcare
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