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The newest face of interoperability—and connected health

March 13, 2018

Amid all the work and energy around achieving true interoperability, Infor Health has added another innovation: Cloverleaf API Gateway. Cloverleaf API Gateway, powered by Infor OS, was developed to provide a single point of control for application programming interfaces (APIs), such as HL7® FHIR ®.

Healthcare organizations capture and maintain industry leadership through their own innovative medical research and organizational innovation. That ability to be agile has never been more important, as changing payment models and consumer demands for transparency continue to push us to find ways to enable additional engagement, convenience and efficiencies.

All of this makes it critical to implement an enterprise class API management system, with a world-class healthcare integration engine. It’s a fact that well managed APIs encourage the effective and efficient exchange of data and services, enabling a connected healthcare system that engages all stakeholders, including primary care physicians, patients, acute-care physicians, care managers, home care providers, payers, and much more. More than a way to enhance connectivity, Infor Cloverleaf API Gateway lays a stronger foundation for healthcare delivery by providing a single point of control ensuring performance, security and efficiency—all of which lead to better clinical care and outcomes.

Inside the organization, API Gateway accelerates development and implementation timelines, provides unsurpassed data and information security, enables monitoring and service level management of API-enabled legacy systems, all from a single point of control.

With API Gateway, you can:

  • Publish and update APIs more readily
  • Secure APIs with OAuth 2.0
  • Help prevent denial of service attacks
  • Manage and monitor performance and utilization of APIs
  • Provide deep, back-end integration by enabling legacy system to participate in the API economy.

As one of my Infor colleagues says, “Healthcare today is all about connected health.” That’s why it is crucial that we continue to develop these kinds of transformational technologies. They are the future of healthcare, and the patient experience. You can read more about Cloverleaf API Gateway here.

Corey Spears, Director of Healthcare Interoperability, Infor Healthcare

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