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There is no such thing as bad publicity

December 18, 2018

Fitting after watching The Greatest Showman recently that Barnum is credited with that phrase. Implementing an LMS can often feel like you’re running a circus; but the end goal is to create a feel-good place to go and look forward to going back. That is why you need to take some tips from a showman to roll out (or even re-roll out your LMS).

Here are just a few ideas:

• Pull out your bullhorn to get people in the door. Or email links to your LMS and courses.

• Make it easy to purchase a ticket to join the event. Test login process with links in emails, etc.

• Entertain your audience with some humor, or something out of the ordinary.

• Change the content with updated videos, pictures or audio files. Cartoons are a great option with tools like VYond, PowToon and more.

• Offer choices to achieve the same result (instructor-led, blended, eLearning). Maybe create 3 micro-learning courses to offset a long tedious certification process.

• Have fun announcing new events and promote what’s coming next or new within the LMS.

Most of the learning & development departments that I meet with start off with, “nobody wants to go to our LMS and take training.” Presentations that I’ve seen at ATD and other learning events are often around “what our company is doing different.” It makes me think of a popular definition of insanity, “keep doing the same thing and expect different results.”

If your learning platform doesn’t allow for easy access and navigation for the learner; then you’re asking for problems and excuses for not taking training. If you can’t make changes to your content; you’ll probably not get repeat visitors. If you’re not giving your learners options; then you’re finding generations do learn differently. If you’re not promoting a reason to come back to the show; they won’t.

Video Arts, part of the OpenSesame Plus library, is a great break from the ordinary content. I’m a big fan of Monte Python, so this makes a lot of sense to me. Add humor to your content for another way to engage your learners. Even our HR team at Infor added a mandatory course that had humor to learn the material.

So, take it from Barnum and start a three-ring learning circus with entertaining acts, humor, choices and be willing to take some risks to get your learners engaged. Maybe they will come back more often for optional content, promotions and corporate fun.

Infor LMS gives companies the option to create, deliver and track all types of learning in all kinds of languages and on any device. Each audience can have a different ring leader, different content and plenty of options to update content, dashboards and announcements for what’s coming next.

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