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Top 10 Infor things to be excited about in 2019

February 25, 2019

By Todd Stratton, Infor VP of Product Management

So many new things to be excited about in Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management this year. I compiled a list of my now-famous Top 10, which I shared with customers at Infor Winter Showcase in St. Paul recently.

Last week, I gave a progress report on my 2018 Top 10 list.

Now here are my Top 10 Infor things to be excited about in 2019:

#10 – New Infor Expense Management capabilities

  • Online travel booking – became generally available (GA) in August 2018
  • Native mobile application – Controlled availability (CA) September 2018
  • Birst Operational Reporting & Analytics – CA in March
  • Optical character recognition – CA in June

#9 – New Infor Inventory Intelligence solution

  • Embedded in Infor CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management v11 (already integrated to v10)
  • New role: inventory intelligence specialist
  • Provides recommendations for inventory optimization
  • Review recommendations and make updates immediately
  • Healthcare, public sector, hospitality and other use cases

#8 – Talent innovations


  • Candidate area redesign
  • User efficiency and effectiveness
  • Configurable hiring workflows, unique workflows
  • Alerts and routing speed up the process
  • Intelligent interview scheduling
  • Candidate engagement: building your own talent community
  • Mobile from apply to hire

Continuous Performance

  • Maximize future performance and engagement through coaching and development
  • Facilitates frequent, lightweight “check-in” conversations between employees and managers to improve performance and engagement
  • Engagement and pulse surveys track engagement

#7 – Infor Workforce Management innovations

  • Employee Shift Billboard - Post shifts for replacement worker via mobile – April
  • Staffing Center – November

- Centralized nurse scheduling

- Float pool management

- Daily shift management for nurses

  • Labor Forecasting – November

- Machine learning forecasting algorithms

- Mass editing across locations

#6 – New last-mile functionality for industry

#5 – Testing as a Service (TaaS)

  • Crowd source customer testing scenarios

- New products – not 1000’s of customers banging on yet

- Can’t develop every business test scenario

  • Common automated test platform

- We deliver our test scripts as a seed

- Customers can tweak or record new

- Make sure your scenarios are covered

  • Add your flavor to our testing
  • Send back to Infor
  • Customers can test on their end too

#4 – Services industries mobility

Optimized Web app for select HCM roles – available now

Optimized Web app for select FSM roles – now through August

Infor Go – Native mobile app that provides centralized access for Infor and proprietary apps with single sign-on – coming in September

#3 – Next-gen Infor Payroll

  • New Payroll module for v11 GHR

- Not a new version of v10 Payroll; new embedded module in Global HR

- Two beta projects in progress

  • Global Payroll partnership with ADP

- Working with customer

- Developing productized integrations for future global payroll opportunities

#2 – Continuous Accounting

  • Use Infor Coleman AI to automate repetitive processes and tasks

- Cash reconciliation

- Determining cash position

- Payables accrual reconciliation

- Receivables accrual reconciliation

  • Distribute the work across the accounting period
  • Minimize screen hopping and clicks
  • Science-powered data to identify opportunities for improvement

#1 – Plan your Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management v11 upgrade

  • Infor CloudSuite Financials has been available for more than 2 years.
  • Customers in all services industries
  • 650 new features never in v9 or v10
  • 15 references; customers speaking about the product
  • Large orgs moving forward — CHRISTUS, Yale New Haven, Montefiore, Koch, Hillsborough Public Schools, city of St Paul — These organizations have done your due diligence for you.

Clearly, 2019 is going to be an exciting year. To learn more, please reach out to me, or your Infor account manager or Infor partner.

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