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Transfer Knowledge Across your Extended Enterprise with Infor Learning Management

April 23, 2018

One of the main company attributes that customers will always look for is great customer service. They expect to be well informed about your organization's products and services while feeling valued at the same time. How can we ensure that our call center agents, customer service reps, or support staff are openly communicating with our customers both efficiently and respectfully?

To ensure that customer service begins on day one, Infor LMS is the perfect learning technology partner to deliver training to your Customer Service and Support partners. These employees directly represent your organization so they must hone their communication abilities to identify customer needs. With the Infor LMS, you could create personalized content or packaged training courses around specific soft skills or topics. It's of the utmost importance that your sales and support partners know the benefits of your products and services. They must also build related skill sets to meet customer service standards. The Infor LMS is comprehensive and flexible enough to give you the power to deliver targeted activities, eLearning assessments, and "just in time" online training resources to an audience in a personalized way.

For heavily regulated industries like Banking, Financial Services, or Insurance, certain protocols and standards are in place that everyone must meet. To ensure that guidelines are established and your brand is being represented in a uniform way, the Infor LMS is the perfect partner to help you ensure compliance in all key areas. With our broad range of off-the-shelf eLearning content partners, Infor LMS will always surface up to the most relevant compliance training content. This will allow you to rapidly revise your eLearning course offering to reflect new rules or regulations, then deploy it faster than ever before.

Developing customer service certification programs is another great way to ensure that your external partners are doing their jobs effectively. With our proprietary eLearning authoring tool, Content Creator Cloud Edition, any SME at your business can easily create courseware and package it into a certification program. The Infor LMS is also smart enough to automatically notify partners if certifications need to be renewed on an annual basis.

The Infor LMS will bring all things learning into scope for your extended enterprise. As a result, your organization will have the information it needs to provide superior service and foster customer loyalty. Over time, it can help your business lower turnover rates and increase bottom line revenue.

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Joe Mercurio, Account Executive, Infor

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