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Transforming back office casino operations

November 1, 2018

From tailored offers to individual points, the casino industry is increasingly targeting its most valuable clients with personalized incentives.

The industry is smart to take its cue from online giants such as Amazon and Uber, who are among a growing number of innovators steeped in a state of continuous improvement of the customer experience. Digital apps delivered through smartphones, real-time, is the expected norm, not the exception.

However, this experience cannot be delivered with the legacy systems housed in so many casino back offices. If the PMS, CRM, HRM and other systems are not talking to each other, there is no way to reach the right customers with the right offers and services.

Connecting all systems and ramping up to completely digitize the casino back office can seem daunting. To get started, this roadmap, from Hospitality Technology magazine and Infor, offers six steps to get started.

  1. 1. Begin with the PMS. The PMS is the engine and foundation of property management. Moving the PMS to the cloud is the most seamless way to achieve system modernization. There are no additional IT hardware or personnel expenditures needed, yet the result is both sophisticated and secure. The only caveat to moving to the cloud is to choose a system built from the ground up, specifically for cloud deployment.
  1. 2. Understand your locale. Any gaming establishment is aware of the regulations dictating their industry and, specifically, their location. The truth is, data storage privacy practices can vary by specific location. As such, how cloud-based PMS complies may vary – and even change as state governments loosen regulations.
  1. 3. Set up accounting properly. Casino operations, obviously, must adhere to stringent, yet varied, accounting and reporting rules. They are also complex. For example, if a meal is served at a casino’s sister property, the proper comp accounting has to be logged in the original property’s PMS. This means all of these accounting complexities need to be set up correctly in the new PMS.
  1. 4. Map out how systems may need to change. Digital transformation is the time to look at all processes, such as comps, and see how they best fit into the digital transformation. This is the only way to ensure true, real-time data flow.
  1. 5. Connect to marketing. There is no better time to connect infrastructure systems to marketing. Targeted marketing, via email, print and mobile means, has never been more important to attract consumer loyalty.
  1. 6. Pay attention to security. Payment information, personal data, including who are the high rollers, makes casinos vulnerable to hackers. And those attempted breaches tend to be getting even more savvy and sophisticated. To meet this challenge, hosted, cloud-based solutions are necessary, as they are the most secure and scalable.

For more information about moving your business to a next-generation platform, download the complete report: 6 steps to Modernizing Gaming Infrastructure.


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