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Truly achieving a 360-degree view of your customer

January 31, 2017

Often when people think of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), they default to thinking of salespeople using an application for managing sales pipeline and activities. While that behavior is a key element of CRM, it is only part of the true mission.

We’ve all heard before, “you can have a true 360-degree view”; but how does that statement hold true? In most cases, only one department, typically sales, is tracking customer data. What if other departments are connecting with that same customer? How does one department from the next know the latest information or discussion that took place with that customer?

The only way to truly achieve a full view of the customer is if everyone is tracking customer data in the same CRM system. If the expectation is that only sales people are using CRM and the rest of the data is captured somewhere else or nowhere at all, you will miss the mark in truly understanding your customer account.

So that all sounds good – but is it affordable? The common perception of providing CRM across the entire organization is that licensing is not fiscally possible and that not everybody will use it so there will be unused licenses.

With Infor CRM, these common perceived issues are addressed through a proven strategy that addresses the need for organization-wide access while at the same time, not breaking the bank.

Here are 3 key areas to consider:

  1. Licensing: Infor CRM licensing structure provides both named and concurrent user licenses. This enables named users to always have access to the system and concurrent user licenses for casual users to access the system when they need it. The concurrent user license functions much like a kiosk; it's a personalized environment with a shared license structure.

  1. Accessibility: Infor CRM provides users 3 access points through a full browser experience, a mobile interface and an interactive Outlook plugin. Regardless of who you are in the organization or which type of device you're using, a real-time access point is available. Infor CRM licensing structure enables you to have the right type of license based on your use case. Therefore, no longer is technology access or devices a roadblock to accessing CRM.

  1. Customer Service: Tickets are used to manage customer issues of all types from complaints, product defects, service requests to invoice resolution. Infor CRM also provides analysis tools for marketing and other functional areas, all the way up to executive management.

In addition, Infor provides prebuilt integration platforms to bring data in from other systems such as ERP platforms. This strategy is further complemented by Infor’s collaboration application, Ming.le, to enable file sharing, collaboration, sentiment sharing, dashboards and an access point to applications across teams. The application integration within Ming.le delivers embedded back-links for easy user navigation between applications, directly back to the proper location within the CRM and other applications.

Ming.le completes the vision for truly providing a 360-degree view of the customer by delivering 100% access across the Enterprise user teams regardless of role, regardless of device.

When you consider what it takes to have full visibility, are you confident that you have a complete view of your customers?

Written by: Erik Tavenner, Solution Consultant, Infor

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