Unleash the power of asset management in healthcare with workflow and analytics capabilities

October 6, 2016

Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer

Workflow and analytics can act as the brain of the operations department by providing data intelligence and efficiency. Time is crucial in a hospital because being able to perform maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively can impact patient care. In this final segment of a seven-part webinar series, industry experts focus on workflow and analytics and how that can empower you to gain better visibility into your assets’ performance.

Benefits of workflow and analytics

Workflow is a series of activities required to complete a specific task. The goal is to try to automate the task as much as possible and get rid of manual intervention in order to spur efficiency and save money. The main benefits of workflow are:

  • Facilitate business processing
  • Improve interactions between people
  • Standardize procedures
  • Enhance worker productivity
  • Reduce operational costs

Analytics turn the data into actual insight or business intelligence. That insight empowers you to measure how well assets are performing and also tells you how to improve the assets. Benefits of analytics are:

  • Better quality decisions
  • Organizational agility, with user-friendly dashboards
  • Predictive modeling
  • Improved service
  • Heightened competitiveness

The brain of the operation

Infor EAM provides you with a modern and integrated tool to optimize performance of physical assets in facilities. One of the major benefits is being able to configure EAM to meet your individual needs, whether you’re on the clinical or facilities side. There are three main sections on the dashboard that are important to workflow: Time-based view of trends; an inbox area or to-do list of open PMs; and a list of real-time KPIs. All can be viewed on a technician’s mobile device.

Analytics can come in many different forms. Technicians can perform personalized real-time analysis on data to determine cause of failure and explore historical information of each asset be able to predict when the next failure will occur. Infor EAM can also transition across disparate applications for complicated workflows.

How do you manage workflow within your organization?
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