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Webinar Q&A: New Reporting Tools in Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Infor CloudSuite Business v9.01

January 23, 2017
Thank you to everyone who attended the Learn about the new reporting tools in Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial and Infor® CloudSuite Business v9.01 webinar. If you missed the webinar, you can watch a replay of it here. We appreciate your patience as we prepared responses to the questions we received during the Q&A period.

For a cloud deployment, will we be able to use these form customizations?


Can you add a sub-report at the footer?


Can I use a stored procedure to upload data to a report form?


How will the new Reporting Forms handle sub-reports?

A report can call another report form (sub-report) to fill in a region of the "parent" report.

Previews don't use Taskman - how can one identify a runaway query/report?

Form Report previews use Taskman. DataView Report previews run to the foreground. You could delete a hung foreground session in the same way you typically would.

Will FlexLayout eventually replace Bartender (not a BT fan)?

We haven't evaluated it yet. We intend to make paper size more flexible in a future release of Form Reporting to help facilitate label printing (among other use cases). Paper size flexibility should address cases where SSRS was used for label printing.

When is 9.01 being released?

Released on 12/31/2016

Is there a get-more-rows capability added to dataviews in 9.01 or do you still need to define the dataview as “retrieve all” to get more than 200 rows?

No. The record cap defaults to “unlimited” on report forms so the report isn't limited. This can be changed through personalization.

Can I still use a stored procedure as a Data View Source Type if I am an on-premise deployment? Or at least use SP! to call it as an IDO Method?

Yes, IDO Method support was added in MG 9.03 / CSI 9.01.

Does the new Report Form use the same editing scope levels as other forms (site default, group, user)?


I'm not sure of if someone asked this...but what about adding sub-report/sub data?

Yes, you can.

In dataviews can you format the fields in the new version (# of dec, font, etc)?

Numeric columns format using Mongoose masking if provided on the IDO Property or Property Class Extension. Otherwise, regional settings are used.

In DataViews can you create summary-only reports?

You can create summaries in 9.00, but it still pulls all the data, what if you only want the summaries?

Are there suppression capabilities, like in Crystal?

Yes; permanently, or based on the value of the IDO Properties.

When is the new course available?

TBD. Hoping to have it for Q2.

Does a Dataview support dynamic filtering at runtime and pass these parameters to the output?

The new enhancement for DataView Input Parameters offers flexibility to set input parameters on DataViews that can be used in the foreground or background reports.

What is and when is it necessary to purchase Report Source?

In order to customize any of the SSRS reports, the report source must be purchased to modify the RDl file and the RPT* stored procedures. The source provides the right to copy the standard procedure and customize it or make any changes to the report layout.

What else would we need to buy if we wanted to print data as a barcode in a report?

In order to barcode, you have to purchase a barcode font to install on the utility server. You can find relevant articles to facilitate this, simply by searching for “adding barcode to SSRS Reports.”

Have user/group permissions been improved with Dataviews (currently permissions are set outside of Users & Groups forms)?

No change to permissions.

Can you load additional records past the data cap?


Are Dates going to be included on the Report Template (with the headers and footers)?

The report template generated by the new form wizard includes a report execution date/time stamp.

How do we add fields to the Form Type Report if they don't exist in the IDO? For example, we want to make a Form Type Report that shows Salesperson Code, Salesperson Name, and Customer Number, and Customer Name. How would I add Salesperson Name? It's not in the SLCustomers IDO.

Add a secondary collection and link it to the primary collection.

Currently, in 9.00.3 you cannot choose a date field and specify two dates to report between. Is this capability available now?

I think this question is about “Filter in Place” mode—and that functionality hasn't changed. You can use a query form to do a date range query in Filter in Place. In reporting (both Form and DataView), you can define date range filters.

Is the Report Type form the solution for printing labels?

All reports currently use the same paper size which limits use for labels. We intend to address this limitation in a future release.

I understood SSRS replacement. Is there a plan to replace Microsoft SQL database with Mongoose database in future? Our company is on the path of integration other business processes with CSI, and knowing this info will help in making the right decisions.

No, we don't have plans for a Mongoose database.

What about sub-reports? Are they supported with a report type form and FlexLayout components?

Yes, sub-reports.

Is SP! supported?

Yes, of course.

If you use the workstation login will you use a SyteLine transaction license all of the time you are in Excel?

Using workstation login doesn’t change the license requirement. It still would use the automation license when you are connected from Office Add-Ins, including Excel.

One question I asked towards the end of Reporting Webinar was about the technical pre-requisite to have before the course to learn how to develop a report in v9.01

Forms Personalization, Workbenches and Extending the Application with Mongoose is you want to make IDO changes.

Can Factory Track enter the new machine- or resource- used field as described on the unposted job transactions form?

Yes, it can.
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