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Webinar Q&A: What’s New in Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Infor CloudSuite Business v9.01

January 23, 2017
Thank you to everyone who attended the What's New in Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial and Infor® CloudSuite Business v9.01 webinar. If you missed the webinar, you can watch a replay of it here. We appreciate your patience as we prepared responses to the questions we received during the Q&A period:

How does PO Funds work with multi-currency?

The PO Funds Committed tab displays summarized purchase order amounts by vendor. Orders with Planned, Ordered, and Complete statuses display by default. Deselect any of these status fields to remove orders with that status from the grid. The currency of the PO is converted to domestic currency using the currency rates table when the PO is created (Planned and Ordered status), as well as when the PO has been received (Complete status). The values shown on the PO Funds Committed tab are in domestic currency.

How is credit managed for multi-currency customers? For example, is it dynamically recalculated every time a rate update take place? Is it stated in the currency of the site? How does it rebalance across sites?

The credit limits have not changed. The multi-currency enhancement allows each Customer and Vendor to have multiple currencies identified, and all the customer-facing and vendor-facing documents can be in the currency of the transaction. Each Customer and Vendor still has a default currency, and all credit limit calculations are still based on the default currency for all Customers and Vendors. Credit doesn’t rebalance across sites; it’s accumulated across sites.

Have currencies been added to the customer and vendor contracts forms?

No, both are out of scope. For a list of what is out of scope, see slide 105 for AR, and slide 128 for AP, which can be viewed by registering for the recording of the webinar.

If I need to use different currencies for the same customer or vendor, can I do this without having to have two different Customer/Vendor codes?

Yes, you can create multiple currencies for each customer using the Currency Codes tab on the Customers or Vendors form.

In v9.01, will non-inventory items be able to assign vendors via vendor contracts?

No, there is no change in this area.

If you use the workstation login, will you use an Infor SyteLine® transaction license when connected from Excel®?

Using workstation login doesn’t change the license requirements. The workstation login still uses the automation license when you connect from Microsoft® Office add-ins, including Excel.

For new forms, is there a reference as to what group they are added to?

When you create a new form, it doesn’t automatically go into any group; you need to assign it to a group if you want to control access to it.

Has Pick Pack Ship been rolled into Service or Projects?

No, Pick Pack and Ship hasn’t been rolled into Service or Projects.

Does the OEE form talk to QCS (for machine efficiency)?

No, the OEE form doesn’t talk to QCS.

Will drop-down menus be in alphabetical order?

No, there is no change in this area.

Will there be support for XML bank files?

Yes, we have made enhancements on bank files in v9.01. Please see the presentation for more information, which can be viewed by registering for the recording of the webinar.

When will Overall Equipment Effectiveness be rolled out, and can we test it before the roll-out?

It’s in v9.01, which is now GA.

Will there be any update to the Non-Inventory Item use of product codes to redirect G/L accounts?

No, there is no change in this area.

Why would you have a document number on and how would it be used?

The document number can be an internal number that follows the transaction all the way through to the General Ledger.

Are the Infor Ming.le® home pages meant to replace the dashboard/home pages that exist inside of SyteLine? Or is the user expected to visit/use both?

The Infor Ming.le home pages are another option. The home pages in CloudSuite Industrial and CloudSuite Business are still there; they address a different audience and method of seeing consolidated data. The Infor Ming.le home pages act more like KPIs.

Will Ctrl+2 be available?

Ctrl+2 is still available.

Are the webinar’s screens from v9.01?

All of the screenshots are from v9.01.

Are there any changes to the Non-Inventory form?

No, there are no changes to this form.

For Item Revs, is the Item DB now going to start keeping information on different Revs?

Revision numbers in v9.01 are updated the same way as in v9.00.30; however, the v.901 enhancements show revision history on more forms than what was available in v9.00.30.

For Customer 360 and Service Items, are you still required to have a service license to view these items?

Yes, you need a service license to see anything on the Customer 360 form.

What’s happening with Doc-Trak?

The Lake Company asked that their solution partner contract be terminated. Infor will send a detailed communication about Doc-Track to customers very soon. In the meantime, here’s a summary of what the future of Doc-Trak is:

For on-premise customers

  • Customers can continue to buy Doc-Trak from Infor through the end of February 2017.
  • As maintenance renewals come up after February 2017, support will be moved to the Lake Company.
  • Doc-Trak will continue to work through v9.01. If a customer upgrades to v9.01 and wants to continue to use Doc-Trak, it will continue to work the same as before.
  • As part of the v9.01 upgrade, customers will be entitled to a 25-user license of the Infor Xi Lite tech stack, which includes Infor Document Management (IDM)—the replacement for Doc-Trak.
  • As part of the v9.01 upgrade, the customer can swap their Doc-Trak for full tech stack users which includes IDM, the swap quantity will be equal to their number of ERP users. This is a huge value for Maintenance.

For cloud customers

  • Infor will not include Doc-Trak or support Doc-Trak for v9.01.
  • The Infor Xi tech stack, which includes Infor Document Management (IDM), is part of the v9.01 cloud bundle.
  • For cloud customers that upgrade to 9.01 in the cloud or on-premise or new customers who go to v9.01, IDM will be our document management solution, which is a full cloud solution (Doc-Trak required an on-premise server).

Where can I learn more about Infor Document Management?

You can learn more about IDM from these video courses on Infor Campus. Please note you will need a Campus login and active account.

How are IDM files stored? Are they stored in SQL or are they stored in file folders?

IDM is a part of the Xi Platform common installer, along with Infor ION®, Infor Ming.le, and Infor BI. As for the architecture, physical files and compressed previews are stored on file (Amazon S3® in the cloud), and metadata is stored in SQL or postgres.

Does IDM have to integrate with Infor ION or will it work directly from CloudSuite Industrial? Is Infor ION required to utilize IDM?

The connection between CloudSuite Industrial and CloudSuite Business to IDM is direct via APIs; however, IDM can connect to Infor ION out of the box.

Are there any changes to how APS patches will be applied on premise?

From KB 1874174: Beginning with v9.01, there is a single directory for APS Planner, APS Server, and Scheduler executable files. Patches will now be packaged into a single Zip file, instead of three separate files. To access the latest patch (APS patch 2016-12-21), click here, and then use the APS Patch Utility that is installed with v9.01 to apply the patch. Do not apply patches manually. Please note that you will need a login for the Infor Xtreme support portal to access the files.

If we migrate from the on-premise version to the cloud version, will we have access to development/training environments (such as demo databases), as well as a live production environment?

When migrating to the cloud version, you’ll be provisioned with three environments: Demo, Train, and Production. As soon as you go-live, the demo will be removed, and you’ll then have two environments: Train and Production.

Are there any performance benchmarks for v9.01 vs v9.00.30?

There are many factors that can contribute to performance. We don’t have any performance benchmarks at this time, but many enhancements were made to both the application and the framework that have improved performance.

When will the demo images that are available for download be updated to the 9.01 version?

The image is available now on the download center.

When was v9.01 released as GA?

It was released December 29, 2016.
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