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Webinar recording for 'Two tricks to help you never miss an early-pay discount again and avoid a mess with vouchers payable' now available

August 25, 2017
Did you miss this CloudSuite Tips webinar or would you like to watch it again? The recording is now available on demand.

Watch now >

Webinar description:

Are you missing out on early-pay discounts?

Is your vouchers payable function continually getting messed up?

Do you find yourself having to manually add negative voucher journal entries to debit returns?

If so, you will want to attend this webinar to learn two tricks to help you never miss an early-pay discount again and avoid a mess with vouchers payable.

Come to this free Education webinar and let Infor instructor Colleen Griffiths show you:

  1. The easy trick to make sure you never miss out on an early-pay discount again, unless of course, you choose to do so.
  2. The simple method that many users miss that will:

    • Help keep your vouchers payable correct.
    • Automatically create the debit for returns you have vouchered.
    • Eliminate a number of unnecessary inventory adjustments in cycle counts and physical inventories.

Knowing these two tricks will help you save your company money, while you also save yourself a lot of time and extra work.

If you work in accounting or purchasing—you don’t want to miss this webinar.

John Brown (host)
Senior Education Program Manager

John is the Infor Education program manager for CloudSuite Industrial, CloudSuite Business, and CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). He joined the education department back in 1999 in the Symix days.

Colleen Griffiths (main speaker)
Senior Learning Consultant

Colleen was a CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) user for over 9 years at a customer site. She joined the company in 2013. She teaches financial and operations topics.

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