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What can you analyse with Open V-insight?

November 30, 2020

The answer is pretty straightforward: everything.

V-insight is ideal for the visualization and analysis of data coming from V-smart. All data that is stored in V-smart and related products, can be viewed and analysed in V-insight. Examples of data include customers, bibliographic descriptions, items, loans, reservations, web usage and newsletters.

What is not managed in V-smart can be visualized and analysed easily with Open V-insight, such as:

- PC usage (sessions)

- helpdesk incidents

- purchases

- printer usage

- visitor counters

- and all others.

Are there any limitations? Of course there are. The data must be formatted in rows and columns but this is common practice. This is how spreadsheets work, with common formats such as .xlsx, .xls and .csv. Excel is the best-known example.

But from a content point of view, there are no limitations; all data can be imported.

Where it is possible, cubes are automatically created.

Importing files can be done both manually (from the Open V-insight interface) and automatically (from a folder). The latter makes it possible to completely automate the import process: if data is exported from the “foreign” applications into files, it can be imported automatically. To do this, the files must be dropped into a folder via a script and then imported into Open V-insight. From that folder, imports can run automatically. After the initial set-up, there is nothing that you need to do. Life doesn’t get any easier.

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