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What the Sirius Decisions Demand Unit Waterfall means for B2B marketers

July 11, 2017
A few weeks ago, Sirius Decisions, the thought leader around all things B2B Marketing and Sales, unveiled their largest shift in the architect of the waterfall since 2012. They introduced the world to the Demand Unit which shifts from recognizing a buying individual (lead) to a buying group (Demand Unit). It is a tide of change that has been underway for the past five years–Sirius Decisions just formalized it. I see three big themes underlying this shift.

  1. The promise of big data and predictive analytics turned a corner over the past 18 months. This category has been heavily invested in—to the tune of $500M in venture funding—while the application/adoption of it has seen many starts and stops. However, we have seen the industry turn the corner and finally start delivering. Marketing and sales teams now can predictively measure intent, engagement, and lift in a wide range of scenarios. For example, at Infor we’ve seen this coming to fruition in the Financial Services – Wealth Management vertical where Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM is producing 30-40% revenue lift for the advisor channel. waterfall
  2. Account based marketing or more commonly referred to as ABM, has been the buzzword since 2016 that every B2B marketing technology company is trying to associate. ABM has been around for a long time, but now formalized methodology and platforms have been built to assist in the journey. Infor was the first vertically focused enterprise software company to market with ABM. We apply ABM to Financial, Hospitality, Retail, and Manufacturing verticals and have seen the penetration rate increase 22% annually over the past five years.
  3. Lastly, the engagement economy has arrived. During Marketo’s Marketing Nation event, CEO, Steve Lucas,outlined the need for organizations to truly engage their customers from intent, purchase, to success. It’s about the customer lifecycle and engaging in all aspects of maximizing that value. Our partnership with Marketo and integration with Infor MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and Infor CRM give our customers an unprecedented ability to manage and operationalize the engagement process from a holistic and aligned marketing and sales approach.

The Sirius Decision Demand Unit is affirmation that the dynamics of B2B purchasing are more complicated than ever and it gives marketers guiderails to make better decisions. What are you doing to align to this new strategy?

Written by: Keith Burrows, Director, Infor CX
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