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What’s that smell? It might be employee burnout

June 12, 2017

Where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there are employees, there will be burnout.

Oh, they may tell you everything is fine during performance discussions or at the water cooler, but before long you are receiving an employee’s two-week notice, or someone just stops showing up.

Why couldn’t you hold on to that seasoned manager, or that newly-hired Millennial that had so much potential? It could all be linked to your Workforce Management solution and how you use it.

For help on such considerations, please see the Infor How To Guide entitled “Is staff burning out right before your eyes?” The points made are directed at the areas of nursing and healthcare, but the principles apply across industries.

For instance, are you able to balance workloads with data-driven workforce management and match employee staffing with the busiest hours of the day? It’s also a career extender when you engage everyone along the organizational hierarchy, from maintenance to housekeeping, or from phone rep to VP of Client Services, in supporting staff to optimize the customer experience. Then, you need the ability to nurture teamwork by knowing and understanding the behavioral characteristics of your various teams.

Sound like a challenge? It is, but one made much easier with the right workforce management solution.

Download the guide here for more details and a link to take a peek at Infor WFM.

Carrie Bradfield, Product Manager, Development, Infor

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