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What's the difference between physical and logical meters in Infor EAM?

May 2, 2019

Infor EAM uses meter readings to address multiple needs for an organizations asset maintenance solution. There are two types of meters in Infor EAM—physical meters and logical meters.

Physical meters are a tangible device—like an odometer—that measures the usage of a piece of equipment.

Physical meter setup screen

These are defined on the Meters screen. A physical meter will typically have a rollover point, like your 1992 vehicle that rolls over to all zeroes. It doesn’t make it a new car—and depending on how you have your Infor EAM meter defined, it could cause some issues. That’s where logical meters come into play.

Logical meters establish a relationship between a unit of measure and an object.

Logical meter setup screen

While a physical meter might be replaced, the logical meter is the cumulative usage record for an object. When a piece of equipment reaches the specified value or reading, EAM can generate a work order for preventive maintenance.

To learn more about physical and logical meters, consider attending the Infor EAM Foundation class.

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Melissa Kruminas

Senior Learning Consultant
Melissa is a Senior Learning Consultant with 12 years of CMMS and EAM experience in manufacturing and distribution environments. Prior to joining Infor, Melissa worked as the EAM Operations Manager for the global headquarters of Fruit of the Loom, Inc. responsible for the implementation, training, and development of Infor EAM for Fruit of the Loom, Spalding, Russell Athletic, and Vanity Fair brands facilities in North and Central America. Melissa specializes in process improvement and completed the FOTL Six Sigma Black Belt certification. At Infor, Melissa serves as a Senior Learning Consultant concentrating on Infor EAM.

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