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When are questions the answers?

April 18, 2018

Jeopardy Champ: I’ll take acronyms for $500, Alex.

Alex Trebek: Learning Content Management System


Jeopardy Champion: What is an LCMS?

Alex Trebek: That is correct! You’re now in the lead!

OK, so in Jeopardy the questions are the answer. But did you ever think to use questions to address some of your learning objectives? If selected carefully, questions can be the answer to increasing profits, safety, or customer service. You’re probably asking a question now, “What is this guy talking about?”

Think about a behavior that you would like to change at one of your convenience store locations, as an example. Why not put an iPad by the time clock and suggest a prize for employees who log in to answer a quick question daily? Now consider this store has had some issues with not answering questions for guests about how to buy gas cards. The question on your LMS iPad might be, “How do you direct guests to purchase gas cards?” Obviously, you know the right answer and that should be selected. If not, it’s a training moment – “The correct answer is, go to the kiosk located by the gas pumps.”

Well, the next time the associate logs into the LMS they will know the answer. Oh, and incidentally, they will also know how to correctly direct your customers to the gas cards. Sound too easy to be true? Keep changing your questions based on the behavior that you want to modify. It stays top of mind and is easy to implement.

You will be the L&D Jeopardy winner by implementing a simple strategy like asking a question. If your LMS has a built-in content creation tool (an LCMS) you could create, deliver, and track the results of your questions quickly and easily.

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Curt Cavins, Account Executive, Infor

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