Where do your on-premise customizations fit in the cloud?

September 13, 2016

Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer

Many healthcare organizations are rapidly migrating away from customizing software applications. These customizations typically mirror business processes that were developed when computer systems were first introduced into healthcare back in the 80s and 90s. As you face the option of upgrading versions of your current software or migrating to a cloud environment—something happening more frequently these days—it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate customizations.

I want to reiterate that just because we use the word “cloud” in our offerings, you do not have to move off premise. We view it as choosing our cloud or yours—and giving you the option of eliminating many customizations you have in place.

If you are upgrading or moving to the cloud, an environment built specifically for healthcare helps you modernize and steer away from customizations to leverage business processes that are pre-built with healthcare in mind. In fact, we’re helping customers shift away from customizations in general because our offering has the feature functionality necessary to support their specific needs.

Our financial management, human capital management and supply management solutions have been reinvented over the last few years to provide in-context analytics, revolutionary user experience, market-leading last-mile functionality, cloud and mobile options built on a modern architecture, and reinvented general ledger. This new global ledger also acts as a data warehouse. For example, you can pull in clinical data from a separate system and marry it with financial data in order to address a major hospital issue like cost per patient.

When you start letting go of customizations and adopt standardized business processes, you’ll start to see improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs. One example is invoice routing and approvals. Invoices in the past may have meandered through your systems for various levels of approval for weeks. With a streamlined approach, you can begin to capitalize on early payment discounts, which helps your entire organization reduce costs. Another example could be around the HR requisition process and integrating it with budgeting and position control to reduce your time to hire.

What is your organization’s stance on customizations? Please share your thoughts here.
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