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Why Partner with Infor

September 11, 2019

A partnership is a mutually beneficial alliance between two or more people or organizations. Strong and successful partnerships are built upon trust, transparency, and clear expectations. The true reason for building a partnership in the first place are in the key words “mutually beneficial”, but the more difficult question is who you choose to partner with.

Why Infor Values our Partners

You may have heard us say “Built by Partners, for Partners” about a thousand times. Well, it’s true. We realize our success is directly correlated with the success of our partners our software users. We assist and mentor our partners through onboarding, managing contracts, negotiating deals, and closing sales. Over 68,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help navigate market disruptions to achieve business-wide digital transformation.

Infor offers cloud-based services and products for various industries leaving a financial opportunity built for long term success. This is where our Partners come in.

Our partnerships are built with leaders of their industries, revolutionizing how they can provide the best services to their industry, consumers and to the people within their organization. Since they have the knowledge and reach required to already be innovative leaders within their field of passion, we build a partnership, so they can offer to their prospects and customers enterprise software solutions built for the cloud.

How Do I Benefit?

Simple. We give you the tools necessary to expand your business no matter what kind of partner you are. We’re accepting of every niche industry, in fact, we encourage partners who specialize in micro-verticals by supporting them every step of the way. This includes access to marketing tools, channel sales managers, technical resources, and robust incentives. We also allow you to be the ruler of your own marketing, which means we don’t step on your leads, therefore there is no competition between us and our partners. We lean on our key partners to implement locally and provide customer support to some of our biggest deals. Want to see where you can fit into the Infor Ecosystem? Learn more.

Where Do I Fit In?

To answer this question, we have created a few resources for you. First, a resource that outlines Infor’s Industry-Product Ecosystem. Second, a simplified Partnership Comparison Chart, so you can make an informed decision about what other ERP Partnerships are available to you.

So, what does a successful partnership look like? Ask us, we would love to answer that for you!

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