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Widgets: The key to creative learner dashboards

July 16, 2018

“Flexible, configurable and informative” are just three of the adjectives that I’ve heard associated with the Infor LMS dashboard’s widgets. Pictured are some sample widgets that share announcements, course statistics, a course snapshot, and a video. Think of all the possibilities that you can share with your learners!

Some L&D departments believe that simple is better. In this case the LMS administrator just has a big button for required training. Sure, there is a lot of cases where that makes great sense; for instance, entry level positions in the kitchen or warehouse. But those people can also help grow your company! Add a banner to explain employee benefits, like the referral bonus or optional customer service skills training.

Our recent update includes an option to change the size of widgets and update your widgets by date. You can plan for widgets to appear on the learner’s dashboard for the whole year! An example of this is an association who has their annual conference. They can schedule an advertising widget to include an early bird registration opportunity while it’s open. They can change it to a HOT DEAL link that “ends this week!”

When talking about some staffing companies, or any company that relies on employee referrals, the widgets can offer a hot link to HOT jobs. Increase your referrals by adding the referral bonus information and a sample of current jobs. Remember, the employees in your LMS are the ones who are developing their skills and engaged in the company’s success…the best kind of referral.

Each organization has valuable information inside and outside of the LMS. Infor LMS realizes this and helps the L&D teams share formal and informal information in your learners’ dashboards. With Infor LMS you can create unlimited portals with any variety of widgets for unique experiences for each learner.

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Curt Cavins, Account Executive, Infor LMS

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