Infor CloudSuite Fashion

Infor CloudSuite Fashion

From head to toe, everything works together

Legacy business solutions struggle to keep up with the pace of change in your business. Demand volatility, cost challenges, and increasingly complex, global supply chains require a more agile and modern fashion solution.

Meet Infor CloudSuite Fashion, a complete fashion solution in the cloud that includes the same proven industry-specific functionality that has helped more than 250 apparel, footwear, and textile manufacturers, as well as brand owners and private-brand retailers, gain and maintain industry leadership.


CloudSuite Fashion offers modern software, a beautiful user experience, and pre-configured fashion best practices. You'll be able to manage both style and non-style products in the same system and gain visibility across every aspect of your value chain. Connect and share information with your internal team, suppliers, production staff, and customers, all within a secure infrastructure built specifically for fashion.

Become more agile
Become more agile

Old processes and approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Neither do legacy ERP solutions. You need an enterprise solution that is agile and responsive enough to keep up with your consumers’ demands and the needs of your growing business. As requirements change, you can easily scale processing capacity up or down to keep pace with your business. You can also expand CloudSuite Fashion's functionality by taking advantage of third-party integrations with modern and secure tooling, such as standard and custom BODs and APIs.

Reduce total cost of ownership
Reduce total cost of ownership

CloudSuite Fashion is provided on a subscription basis that includes complete fashion functionality for a simple monthly charge. You can lower your TCO by reducing operating expenses, cutting implementation time and costs, and eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance. As a result, you'll be able to free up capital for other strategic ventures, including new collections, international expansion, and acquisitions.

Ensure accessibility and reliability
Ensure accessibility and reliability

Your business-critical infrastructure and data will be managed by leaders in the fields of cloud and big data, and you'll have the security, reliability, and high availability of cloud data centers. So, you'll know that your systems comply with the latest standards in data security and rely on best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operational security.

Product details

CloudSuite Fashion keeps every function of your company running with maximum efficiency, allowing you to focus on innovation and strategies for growth and profitability.

Supply Chain Execution
Supply chain execution

Provides comprehensive warehouse management functionality to help reduce inventory levels and increase inventory turns, while offering efficient same-day pick, pack, and ship capabilities for both bulk- and single-pick shipments.

Customer centricity
Sales order management

Gives you highly sophisticated sales order management functionality to help maximize sales by connecting your planning, pricing, promotions, bonus, commission, statistics, and fulfillment processes follow-up via a common view to your commercial and logistical activities.

Production management
Production management

Enables you to simultaneously schedule, manufacture, and report on the number of pieces produced, materials, and labor used, or plan and manage cut, make, trim (CMT), if you source and issue fabrics and trims to your suppliers.

Planning & Inventory
Planning and inventory control

Global inventory visibility supports an omnichannel strategy and greater clarity for effective inventory allocation and replenishment. You can automatically generate accurate buy, production, and distribution plans to ensure you meet consumer demand.

Supply Chain Mgmt
Supply chain management

Provides you with global inventory visibility and control as you purchase, source, and move raw materials, components, and finished merchandise around the world—from fiber to finished products.

Financial mgmt
Financial management

Helps you to improve governance and compliance across your business, whether you are an international business with dozens of sites or you operate in a single country with one site.

Growth and globalization
Deep industry-specific fashion analytics

Provides you with pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content that makes pivotal information easily accessible and actionable. BI, analytics, and data visualization capabilities enable you to draw on data from across your enterprise.

Product lifecycle management
Product lifecycle management

Helps streamline design, development, and merchandising of collections and styles, empowers your creative, technical, and commercial teams to collaborate, improves time-to-market and quality, and reduces development costs. Coming soon.


There is no other cloud fashion solution that offers complete end-to-end functionality built specifically for the needs of fashion companies. Only CloudSuite Fashion features all of the following in a single offering:

CloudSuite Fashion is a ready-to-run, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that offers complete end-to-end functionality built specifically to meet the needs of fashion companies. It provides deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as:

  • Style and non-style product development
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management and visibility
  • Manufacturing
  • Global finance

As you purchase and move raw materials, components, and finished goods around the world, CloudSuite Fashion can help you improve visibility into your complete value chain. You get real-time insights into the needs of your suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, as well as social business and mobile tools to help enhanced collaboration and add 24/7 connectivity. CloudSuite Fashion can support organizations with multiple companies, and provide visibility across multiple sites, warehouses, and even countries.

With data managed by experienced leaders in cloud computing, your company benefits from best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operations security, as well as comprehensive monitoring. In addition, because CloudSuite Fashion is delivered in the cloud, not only can you modernize your business faster, but you gain greater business agility, more speed as you deploy and grow, and hassle-free ownership with no need to maintain your own hardware and apply upgrades and fixes—all while knowing your data is secure.

Because data is no longer stored on-site, with CloudSuite Fashion you can say goodbye to expensive servers and hardware. This means you'll be able to redirect support personnel to more strategic activities. It also means you can future-proof your organization with proven industry functionality and continual development that focuses on changing industry needs without the need for costly and time-consuming upgrades. Plus, CloudSuite Fashion can help you to strengthen your balance sheet by identifying opportunities for freeing up working capital and continuous improvement.

Already running Infor products on-premise?

CloudSuite Fashion offers greater flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership, while also making it easier to take advantage of high-value extension applications.

Infor Upgrade Services makes upgrading to the cloud fast and easy.

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Subscription plans to fit your needs

Set up CloudSuite as an operating cost—rather than a capital expense—with its transparent pricing model. Our flexible payment models feature SaaS-based, per user, per month pricing and can be scaled up or down to meet changing business needs.

Essential features are standard:

  • Full service support: Users in your organization receive ongoing updates, upgrades, and IT operations service.
  • Swift, unlimited incident response: Your team stays in constant contact with support staff for system issues, which are prioritized by severity.
  • Phone access and 24x7 online support: Speak with support during business hours or go online to file reports and browse our extensive knowledge base. Listen to recorded briefings on specific topics.
  • Online communities: Use Infor social networking tools to ask questions of peers with the same configuration and industry challenges.

Add-on options include:

  • Critical Incident Support: Subscribe to 24x7 support for highly critical incidents.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): Get a dedicated customer service manager for ongoing guidance, regular reviews, consumption evaluations, and best practices for utilizing Infor technology.

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