Infor CloudSuite Field Service

Give your field team resources to get the job done

Providing fast, responsive service isn’t easy—especially when your industry is technical, components are complex, and the task is critical. That’s why your field service technicians need to be able to access critical information wherever they are—whether they’re online or off. Generate and close more business with Infor CloudSuite Field Service. Our tools empower your field technicians to become trusted advisors, helping improve customer service and loyalty.

Product Details

Gain visibility into accurate and timely information thanks to Infor CloudSuite Field Service. Your field service personnel will consistently deliver on your promise of first-call resolution, so jobs get done better and faster.

Quickly process assigned activities
  • Give your field service team all the resources they need to accept and start a job from their mobile devices.
  • Provide technicians with instant access to assignment details, job location, customer and contact information, and scheduling details.
  • Empower technicians with maps of assignments and customer locations, and the ability to call contacts.
Customer relationship Mgmt
Accurately track materials and costs
  • Streamline job completion time and control costs with full visibility into your spare parts inventory.
  • Give technicians access to up-to-the-minute data inventory data about tools and materials, what’s in their van stock, and what to order or purchase.
  • Enable technicians to select the correct parts by accessing pictures of components.
Growth and globalization
Easily access relevant documents
  • Give technicians in-field access to relevant document management tools: manuals, service reports, and service contracts.
  • Enable back-office specialists to assist onsite technicians by reviewing pictures taken by the technician and uploaded to Infor CloudSuite Field Service.
  • Provide access to historical customer data, so technicians are aware of up-sell opportunities.
Supply Chain Mgmt
Generate visit reports
  • Enable technicians to enter time worked, miscellaneous costs, equipment meter values, and parts usage.
  • Create summary reports that combine all of the individual details into a single document.
  • Allow customer and technician to provide approval signatures on the technician’s mobile device.


Provide your field technicians with mobile devices (handheld or laptops), so they can maintain remote access to critical information in real time.

Unified system
A single, unified system

Eliminate the need to enter data multiple times into disparate systems. Working with common data means that everyone is working from the same, real-time data. Service technicians can complete more service orders, employees can spend more time building relationships with customers, and managers can analyze data to look for strategic growth opportunities.

Best practices
Best practices

Easily implement best practices with workflows, escalation alerts, role-based workbenches, KPI gauges, automatic reporting, and customizable data views. Managers, power users, and even occasional users can stay on top of daily details.

Service lifecycle management
Service lifecycle management

With full visibility into the entire end-to-end quotation process, you’ll be able to identify and convert more opportunities. Your customers will be able to look to their service technicians as trusted advisors on performance and industry issues, and you’ll be better positioned to build long-term relationships that go beyond just price.


No matter your current size, the flexible solution can grow along with your business. You can add new companies to your organization, open new locations, and even expand into different countries with different currencies—all with ease.

Mobile and remote access
Mobile and remote access

Have information you need, when you need it. Optional modules give field technicians online and offline access to customer and equipment details; service technicians gain flexibility with on-demand estimates, up-sell opportunities, and more; and employees, contractors, franchisees, dealers, and customers can all access online, remote self-service

Why cloud deployments power field service companies

Cloud deployment of Infor’s industry-tailored solutions is an ideal fit for the operational dynamics and business objectives of the field service industry. The Infor CloudSuite delivery model offers:

With data managed by Amazon® Web Services (AWS)—an experienced leader in cloud computing—your company benefits from best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operations security, as well as comprehensive monitoring.

Reduce costs and implementation time by eliminating the need for servers, hardware, and maintenance resources. And because cloud delivery is a monthly subscription that can be expensed as an operating cost, you'll have more capital for strategic projects.

With more than 8,500 Infor CloudSuite customers and 30 years’ experience delivering financials, procurement, and ERP solutions, Infor supports you with unique expertise in deploying, hosting, and protecting critical applications in the cloud.

With preconfigured yet flexible, industry-leading business processes, training materials, tools, templates, and simulations, you can deploy Infor CloudSuite Field Service in weeks or months—not as extended projects, like typical legacy ERP implementations. This can help your company realize cost savings, decrease project risks, heighten productivity, and increase profits sooner.

Without the need for hardware or physical implementation, you can quickly and easily extend Infor CloudSuite Field Service to new markets and sites, including new branches, warehouses, and acquisitions.

Infor CloudSuite Field Service features an elegant, consumer-inspired interface that powers a centralized social collaboration platform that requires little or no training. Mobile capabilities also allow your employees to share information, resolve issues, and move projects forward from anywhere.

Already running Infor products on-premise?

Infor CloudSuite offers greater flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership, while also making it easier to take advantage of high-value extension applications.

The Infor UpgradeX program is designed to make upgrading to the cloud fast and easy.

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Subscription plans to fit your needs

Turn IT-related capital expenditures into a predictable operating expense. Our flexible payment models feature monthly subscription-based pricing that can be scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs.

Essential features are standard:

  • Full service support: Users in your organization receive ongoing updates, upgrades, and IT operations service.
  • Swift, unlimited incident response: Your team stays in constant contact with support staff for system issues, which are prioritized by severity.
  • Phone access and 24x7 online support: Speak with support during business hours or go online to file reports and browse our extensive knowledge base. Listen to recorded briefings on specific topics.
  • Online communities: Use Infor social networking tools to ask questions of peers with the same configuration and industry challenges.

Add-on options include:

  • Critical Incident Support: Subscribe to 24x7 support for highly critical incidents.
  • Customer Service Manager (CSM): Get a dedicated customer service manager for ongoing guidance, regular reviews, consumption evaluations, and best practices for utilizing Infor technology.

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See our full offering of complete industry suites and point solutions in the cloud, Infor CloudSuite customer success stories, and more.

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