Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery

A scalable, secure platform built for machinery and equipment manufacturers

Built to meet the specialized needs of integrated manufacturers who design, build, and service industrial machinery and equipment, Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Machinery is an end-to end-solution deployed in the cloud.

This solution provides deep visibility into every aspect of your business, so you can easily configure and price unique products, manage complex projects, streamline production, coordinate with global suppliers, manage factory floor activities, deliver quality products, and manage service operations. 


Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery provides built-in, industry-specific tools that help you manage highly engineered products throughout their lifecycle.

Meet the new production norm

Comprehensive management tools and features for shop floor scheduling and lean production increase efficiency across all MTO and ETO operations.

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Improve agility

Swift implementation, out-of-the-box functionality, and industry specialization get you moving quickly on plans for growth. Manage multiple configurations of your MTO products with speed and accuracy. Watch a demo to learn how CloudSuite Industrial Machinery manages Product Configuration with ease.

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Increase reliability and accessibility

Robust ERP and configuration functions, industry-leading security, and mobile capabilities protect your data and give you control from any device. Keep up with the expectations of customers. Watch a demo that explains how CloudSuite Industrial Machinery simplifies Order Expediting.

Product details

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery comprises a robust array of core applications designed to boost performance and efficiency in areas that are essential to the industrial machinery and equipment business—including global financial management, and key manufacturing and service processes.

Multi-site and global capabilities
Multi-site and global capabilities
  • Unite extended manufacturing processes with multi-site planning and operations management.
  • Synchronize demand and supply across multiple facilities, warehouses, and distribution hubs. 
Supply chain management
Supply chain management
  • Maintain global visibility into suppliers.
  • Implement advanced warehouse management and fulfillment practices.
  • Eliminate stock-outs and delays.
  • Support vendor-managed and direct-to-line component sequencing.
Manufacturing shop floor
Manufacturing shop floor
  • Support all project-based manufacturing strategies and processes, including engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and make-to-order requirements.
  • Manage planning, scheduling, labor tracking, and material movements.
Project lifecycle management
Project lifecycle management
  • Manage product details from inception through design, testing, launch, and service.
  • Gain component and labor costing insights to help prepare profitable customer bids.
  • Manage single-purchase and complex multi-year project contracts, from negotiation to shipping and installation.
  • Track key performance indicators with an intuitive project manager workbench and other analytics tools.
Service lifecycle management
Service lifecycle management
  • Manage a global field service organization with complete visibility into the components of every installed product.
  • Offer and maintain service plans, schedule preventive maintenance, and identify upsell opportunities.


Governance, risk, and compliance
Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Gain confidence with global financial budgeting and control capabilities, combined with real-time visibility into revenues, costs, and profits.
  • Record, analyze, and monitor the activities of each company or business unit and the complete enterprise.
Design and engineering
Design and engineering
  • Control upfront costs and reduce time to market by designing with full visibility of the effects on downstream manufacturing operations, including sourcing and procurement.
  • Receive early warnings of field issues from partners and fabricators to adjust specifications and schedules, as needed.
  • Manage collaboration with colleagues and partners, while protecting intellectual property and speeding innovation.
Quality management
Quality management
  • Monitor and improve product quality by enforcing regular inspection procedures throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Adhere to customer-specific inspection requirements.
  • Identify non-compliance through sequenced inspection and evidentiary reporting.
  • Continuously gain control and predictability through advanced product quality planning (APQP) and statistical quality control (SQC).
Configuration management
Configuration management
  • Enable customers, distributors, and sales representatives to easily configure products and view 2D and 3D images of product variants.
  • Display current prices, upsell options, and check for incompatible configurations.
  • Automatically create manufacturing bills of materials and routings.
  • Speed quoting and improve accuracy of bids and specifications—without encumbering design engineers.
CRM and sales order management
Extensible and tailorable
  • Use customer defined fields to extend tables and forms without changing underlying code
  • Allow end-users to configure “dashboards” with a complete library of drag and drop metrics
  • Manage information access and security with an intuitive role based authorization framework
Flexible tech stack
Flexible tech stack
  • Use of the Infor technology stack—Including ION for easy integration and workflow, Infor Ming.le for collaboration, and the Business Vault supporting one version of the truth information sharing. 
  • Deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.
Multiple languages
Multiple languages
  • Advanced procurement tools Take advantage of 10 supported languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Why cloud deployments power Industrial Machinery

More than 2,800 customers are already benefitting from moving their solutions to an Infor CloudSuite environment supported and protected by Amazon Web Services. The increased business agility that cloud solutions provide offers you the benefit of:

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery offers global operational visibility, and comes complete with easy-to-use collaboration and analysis tools that can help your team make better decisions faster—exactly when and where they're needed.

Cloud deployment also means you can expand to other plants and locations without extensive IT costs. Deployment is generally quicker than with on-premise solutions, typically taking weeks rather months.

The highly flexible architecture of Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery allows you to add solutions as needed, without having to modify the core code. Bolstered by the security and expertise of Amazon Web Services, your business will stay safe and forever modern—always equipped with the latest software, without having to manage upgrades or expensive new hardware.

The monthly subscription model of cloud deployment frees up working capital, so that you can continue to invest in strategic initiatives, emerging technologies, and specialized solutions.

Already running Infor products on-premise?

Infor CloudSuite offers greater flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership, while also making it easier to take advantage of high-value extension applications.

The Infor UpgradeX program is designed to make upgrading to the cloud fast and easy.

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Subscription plans to fit your needs

Turn IT-related capital expenditures into a predictable operating expense. Our flexible payment models feature monthly subscription-based pricing that can be scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs.

Essential features are standard:

  • Full service support: Users in your organization receive ongoing updates, upgrades, and IT operations service.
  • Swift, unlimited incident response: Your team stays in constant contact with support staff for system issues, which are prioritized by severity.
  • Phone access and 24x7 online support: Speak with support during business hours or go online to file reports and browse our extensive knowledge base. Listen to recorded briefings on specific topics.
  • Online communities: Use Infor social networking tools to ask questions of peers with the same configuration and industry challenges.

Add-on options include:

  • Critical Incident Support: Subscribe to 24x7 support for highly critical incidents.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): Get a dedicated customer service manager for ongoing guidance, regular reviews, consumption evaluations, and best practices for utilizing Infor technology.

Explore the Infor cloud

See our full offering of complete industry suites and point solutions in the cloud, Infor CloudSuite customer success stories, and more.

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