Deployment options

Deployment options

Flexible Deployment Options

At Infor, we believe in flexibility. We know that business needs vary and understand the importance of agility. That's why we are committed to offering and supporting a variety of deployment options for our software solutions, including on-premise, cloud, and a combination of both.

Which option is best for you?

The answer depends on the unique characteristics of your business, but the following are some general guidelines.

On-premise deployment

With an on-premise deployment, your software runs on internal servers hosted at locations that you control. Your systems, people, and processes are connected through your own internal IT infrastructure, and your security protocols are also managed internally. With on-premise deployment, your own IT resources also handle upgrades.

Companies often choose on-premise deployment if they want to house their data internally, prefer to have their own IT staff maintain their systems, or if specific customers or partners require it. 

Cloud deployment

With cloud deployment, your software is hosted by a cloud services provider and the daily operations and maintenance of your solutions are outsourced. Infor's cloud-hosting partner is Amazon Web Services, a global leader in this space known for providing world-class security. Upgrades become the responsibility of your software provider.

Companies often choose cloud deployment because it provides the ability to scale capacity up or down as business needs change, can result in a lower total cost of ownership, allows them to more easily keep technology current, and removes the burden of maintaining software and hardware from their IT staffs.

Hybrid deployment

With a hybrid deployment, some of your software applications are hosted in the cloud while others remain on-premise. Some companies prefer to host applications like CRM or HCM in the cloud, while keeping core business systems like financials and ERP on-premise. Hybrid deployments options are often chosen when companies want to take a phased approach to moving to the cloud or because they are required to host certain types of data internally.

Infor supports all of these deployment options and is committed to working with every customer to find the option that best meets their organization's individual needs.  Learn more about the approach that is best for you.

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