Infor Beta Tester Community

Infor Beta Tester Community

Help make Infor products better

The Infor Beta Tester Community is an initiative created by the research team at Hook & Loop (Infor’s internal creative lab). Our goal is to build a large community of Infor customers, prospective customers, partners, and staff who are willing to offer feedback on new designs via fast and fun usability testing exercises.

As a participant, you will receive a handful of emails throughout the year, inviting you to take short (5-10 minute) browser-based tests. The test will launch in your web browser, directly from the email.

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Usability testing asks—and answers—some big questions

Engaging with our users helps us to answer questions such as:

  • Why are we building this product? What problems can it solve for our customers?
  • How should our product work? Are we approaching from the right angle?
  • Are our designs successful? Are we confident in our solution?

Usability testing allows us to validate our hypotheses with feedback from real people rather than proceed on design expertise alone. We want to make sure that what we create is functional, easy to use, and offers a pleasant experience--and your feedback will help us get it right.

Many ways to test software-pick one (or all three!)


Short surveys help us understand how Infor products are used. This helps us determine and prioritize features and functionality for future releases.

Categorization tests

These tests will ask you to group items into categories that make sense to you; this allows us to learn how users look for and find information.

Click tests

These tests present you with a clickable design and ask you to complete a simple task (ex. "Where would you click to find XYZ?") based on what you see. Some designs might be in early stages and not look "finished," but that's ok—early testing lets us make early corrections!

Help make enterprise software better. Become a beta tester!

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