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Infor is a proud employer of US military veterans and military spouses. We are committed to actively seeking the best and brightest talent transitioning from the military back into civilian life. We work closely with those candidates to identify openings that will be a good fit for the skills and knowledge they acquired while serving and from their own personal experience. Infor recognizes that our veterans’ discipline, integrity, and commitment to excellence are assets that will add significant value to our company.

Put your skills to work right away

Military experience—with its commitment to excellence, readiness to perform, and discipline of a team player—makes veterans our most qualified job candidates. Veterans bring to the private sector an exceptional combination of talent, experience, and leadership skills. You can be successful at Infor though the commitment to honor and service that brought you military success.

Military recruitment careers

High standards are right at home

The core values you embraced in the military align with Infor’s core values. Infor hires veterans because they have the sought-after expertise and core beliefs we’re looking for. With a fully engaged team at your side, you’ll learn how to funnel that experience into a promising civilian career.

Military recruitment careers

We’ll help you adapt

Infor has tremendous respect for the men and women who serve. But our commitment goes beyond your military service to the life that comes next. We have a proven path of advancement for those veterans ready to sign up for their next big accomplishment. It’s a path that respects your commitment and leverages your past experience into a fulfilling future.

Military recruitment careers

You’ll find the role that’s right for you

Infor fosters career development for veterans and matches military experience to civilian careers. Among our 14,000 employees are many veterans who have brought their leadership experience, professional skills, and collaborative work ethic to build successful careers in our company—in every department and at every skill level.

Service is in your blood—keep that flowing

Infor’s flexible scheduling lets you continue as an active Reservist. Infor understands the critical role that the Reserve and National Guard plays in our national security, and we encourage you to continue serving after your transition into the corporate world.

We have numerous employees with military experience who are currently serving actively in the Reserve and National Guard. If you choose to be an active Reservist, Infor will ensure you have the flexibility and control you need to honor your commitments.




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Evolving what it means to work

Infor is a technology company that values the input of people—whether it’s the end users who help shape our software or our employees who actively mold our workplace. We make it a point to ask people about their jobs and the problems they’re trying to solve.

Infor continuously invests in intensive training programs across the company. As an organization led by a veteran, we have a unique understanding of what it takes to translate your success in the military into a rewarding civilian career.

Leading by example

Whether it’s in the C-suite or in any of our departments, veterans have found a home at Infor. As a former Marine, our CEO Charles Phillips has advanced an environment that honors the experience of those who have served in the military. Phillips was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps in the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines artillery unit. In 2012, Phillips was the guest speaker at the Marine Corps' 237th birthday ball for his old unit, after their return from Afghanistan.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Phillips serves on the Board the USAF Academy Endowment Fund.

Charles Phillips

Infor employees who are veterans



Michael Carrillo

“Infor truly is a giant start-up. Processes, people, and tools are all works in progress—so it’s a challenge in a very competitive market space.”

Director, IPN Programs; US Navy (Officer) & US Air Force (Enlisted), 13 years served; Engineering Duty Officer (O-3), Program Management, Asset Management, Salvage Operations


Grant Clarke

“I love that I can help to lead and influence collaboration between diverse multicultural teams. The travel is intense, but it is also hugely rewarding. I am learning all the time.”

Sales Director, Infor Services; Australian Army, 12 years; Royal Corps Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


Allen Cohen

“The skillsets that I learned during my Marine Corps career revolve around process regimentation. The five paragraph order SMEAC translates into sales process and project management process.”

VP Sales, Infor AMSI; US Marine Corps, 9 years; Armored Officer


Stephen Criger

“The leadership skills I learned in the Air Force have served me well throughout my 21 years at Infor. There’s never a dull moment here—new challenges await every day!”

Manager, Support Operations; US Air Force, 5.5 years; Jet Engine Mechanic, Crew Chief, Hydraulics Specialist


Andrew J. Eisner

“The skill that best translates is being able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. Just like in the military, at Infor plans may change as soon as a meeting begins, requiring us to make last minute updates under stress.”

Solution Architect, Infor Retail; US Army, 6 years; Specialty: Armor Officer, M1A1 Battle Tank


James E. Foster

“People with military experience understand its focus on teamwork and service. That understanding translates well, as Infor is all about providing service to our customers in an organization that is dependent on all members of the team working together for a common goal.”

Principal Sales Consultant; US Air Force, 3 years; Computer Operations


Jeff Haan

“The military provided me with the opportunity to interact with a myriad of different personalities and cultures, and to become a better communicator and a more understanding person. That’s an asset at Infor, where each client has different issues to overcome.”

ICS Solution Architect; Air National Guard, 6 years


Dann Lemerand

“It’s rare to find a company with more than 14,000 employees and yet feel like you are a valuable member of a team. Infor does a good job of communicating expectations to team members and empowering those teams to succeed.”

Director, Healthcare Strategy; US Navy, 10 years; Cargo Handling


Thomas Jerry Malone

“The primary skills of a Sergeant in the Marine Corps do not always translate well into civilian life. But understanding the basic skills of discipline, determination, and tenacity do transition well.”

Sr. Sales Executive; US Marine Corps, 6 years; MOS2741, Field Radio Repair


Bruce Middendorf

“The skills I learned in the MN Army National Guard were very beneficial for my transition into the workforce and my career—skills such as teamwork, leadership, respect for authority, delegating, and caring and helping each other out.”

Director, Support Operations; Minnesota Army National Guard, 7 years; 11 Bravo, Infantry


Michael J. Smith

“I currently work with some of the most genuine, hard-working, respectful individuals... I believe that culture and positive attitude stems from leadership and is trickled down through the ranks, which makes coming into work very enjoyable.”

Solution Consultant; US Marine Corps, 4 years; Machine Gunner, Weapons Specialist


Mark Vernaglia

“The leadership here is structured in a way that feels similar to my military experience. Structure is important and coming from a very regimented routine, I believe it’s a value add when working in sales.”

Client Executive, Infor Retail; US Navy, 4 years; Aviation Jet Mechanic (F/A-18 Hornets)


Joe Simpson

“My core values of integrity, selflessness, and excellence are in direct alignment with the company’s values, providing me the opportunity to flourish as an employee.”

Director of Solution Consulting; Colonel USAF Reserves, 29 years; AWACS E-3 community, Air Battle Management

A place where you can build a long-term career

As the world’s third-largest enterprise provider, Infor’s global leadership in business software has created a stable, long-term career environment for our employees. In addition to our solid position in the marketplace, consecutive quarters of double-digit sales growth have provided new opportunities.


Pre-sales solution consultants coordinate with value engineering, the proposal team, and sales management regarding total solution strategy and holistic solution approach on assigned engagements.

  • Leads discovery sessions by first understanding prospects’ strategic objectives, the business opportunities, the value of those opportunities, and the follow-on functional needs
  • Demonstrates proficiency leading presentations that reinforce solution value at various audience levels, including executives and business users
  • Perceived as a trusted advisor around strategies and high level processes in the business area addressed by their respective software applications



Sales teams are aligned by expertise in a specific technology or industry sector, reporting to regional sales directors and selling solutions within defined geographical areas. 

  • Demonstrates ability to effectively lead within a cross-functional team environment
  • High-level of energy and commitment, combined with enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Self-starter and independent thinker with solution-oriented mind-set
  • Excellent communication and networking skills


Functional and technical consultants provide first-class product implementation, consulting services, and business process knowledge to our customers throughout the globe.

  • Utilizes technical and business expertise to evaluate customer needs and create leading edge solutions
  • Work independently on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors
  • Exercise sound judgment in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results

Product Development

Department members transform complex business structures, processes and activities into technical architectures, models, diagrams, and documents, designing databases that support the delivery of complex information-centric IT solutions.

  • Creates, maintains, follows, and promotes formal industry-specific data modeling and metadata standards, as well as related best practices, among co-workers
  • Provides support and technical guidance to other members
  • Participates in agile software development teams to identify requirements and business problems by close interaction with business analysts

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