Infor Lawson Technology

Infor Lawson Technology enables the Infor Lawson applications. It insulates the Infor Lawson applications from the underlying operating systems and databases, and provides an environment to manage security and user access, run the applications, and enable integration with other systems and devices.

The Infor Lawson user experience (UX) enables collaboration between users, suppliers, customers and partners where everyone can easily exchange information when best applicable.

With Infor Lawson Technology, you can choose the hardware/database combination that fits best in your environment, and use the technology components to adapt business applications without customizing the source code.

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What it is

Infor Lawson Technology includes a number of applications that let you designate the use, security, and integration of your Infor Lawson business software, for a high-performance, standards-based technology solution.

The highly secure and solid foundation provides a platform for the Infor Lawson next-generation applications designed for use within a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Infor Lawson Technology can be implemented independently from the Infor Lawson business applications, providing cross-version compatibility and the ability to upgrade your enterprise applications and technology independently, at your own pace. In addition, the technology platform provides you with a choice of hardware and database platforms for running the Infor Lawson applications.

The Infor Lawson technology components allow you to adapt your Infor Lawson applications to your organization's unique requirements without customizations to the source code that would interfere with supportability or delay upgrades.

Infor and legacy—Lawson technology are now connected to deliver greater value and speed to customers.


What it does

The Infor Lawson Technology applications provide enhanced performance, security, application simplicity and scalability via:

System Foundation is an innovative technology approach designed to simplify and decouple technology layers from the Infor Lawson business applications. System Foundation is the middleware layer, built as an industry standard, open run-time environment with support for administration, monitoring, managing deployment, security and performance.

User Experience
There are two choices for the interface to your Infor Lawson application: Smart Office is the rich-client, UI choice for power users, while Workspace (thin-client, web UI) becomes the day-to-day choice for the average enterprise user.

  • Smart Office is an intuitive, personalized user interface that allows users to directly access Lawson and Microsoft applications and update data pervasively and instantly across the applications.
  • Workspace displays the information you need when you need it and doesn't make you waste time "swiveling" between applications to do your work. 

Enterprise Search is an intuitive, simple-to-use search application for your Infor Lawson and other data. It allows you to search both structured and unstructured data across Infor Lawson software applications, Business Intelligence, your desktop - and even personal transaction history.

Process Automation is an enterprise-class business process management (BPM) application that automates, controls and measures business processes that span: 1) systems to systems, 2) people to systems, and 3) people to people.

Process Integration features the same functionality as Process Automation, with the addition of the IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) third-party product for robust data mapping and data transformation.

Security is a flexible platform with a roles- and rules-based security architecture that assigns a list of security rules and permissions to individual roles within an organization, allowing you to design around your specific business processes and security needs.

Business Intelligence provides organization-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards. Cross-functional data, both structured and unstructured from Infor Lawson applications as well as other operational systems, comes together to provide sharply focused views comprising, financials, customers, internal processes and human capital.

Mashup Designer is a tool that helps you build composite applications that combine forms, visualizations, and data from different sources by just pointing and clicking. It can help make a task or process easier and more efficient by providing a process-oriented view of your business on a single screen.

Learning Accelerator customizes learning according to user role and workflows by capturing and reproducing user activity within the application. Simulations address a variety of learning styles with audio, written, and hands-on elements.

ION Connectors are prepackaged solutions built to help move data seamlessly between Infor and Infor Lawson products.


What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • choose your operating platform (hardware and database)
  • avoid modifying the source code
  • give employees access to the information they need to do their job while protecting access to other data
  • search both structured and unstructured data across multiple applications
  • simplify and decouple technology layers from the underlying business applications
  • model, orchestrate, optimize, execute and manage business processes with workflow tools
  • design product and data security around your specific business processes and security needs
  • deliver organization-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards
  • build composite applications that combine forms, visualizations, and data from different sources
  • empower efficient end-user training and knowledge transfer of business processes and applications with training simulations, customized eLearning, knowledge assessments, online help and process documentation
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